Man Charged In Scheme To Blackmail Mitt Romney

Michael Mancil BrownI know that the election of 2012 was only 8 months ago but for some that’s a lifetime ago. So I’ll remind you that one of the shenanigans the Democrats latched onto was talk that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes. Harry Reid claims a little bird told him or it came to him in a dream or some such crap.

Anyway, some enterprising fella decided to cash in on that fabricated nonsense with his own fabricated scheme…

A Tennessee man has been charged after allegedly claiming that he had former GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s income tax returns during the 2012 presidential campaign, according to court documents.

Michael Mancil Brown, 34, was charged with six counts of wire fraud and six counts of extortion, according to a federal grand jury indictment filed in the U.S. District Court in Nashville on Wednesday.

Brown allegedly sent an anonymous letter to the offices of accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Franklin, Tenn., at the height of last year’s presidential race, according to the indictment. The letter demanded $1 million in the form of the digital currency Bitcoin in exchange for the supposed tax returns.

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Turns out he never had the tax records, but his claims only added credibility to Harry Reid’s lies and all combined helped the Democrats raise doubts about Romney.

The joke’s on Brown however, instead of trying to get money from Price Waterhouse he should’ve just shopped his scheme to the DNC.

They might have given him a few hundred thousand bucks to play his part and today he’d have the cover of working for the Obama campaign. Let’s face it, I think it safe to say he was an Obama supporter anyway.

As it stands now I wonder why he also isn’t being charged with attempting to influence the outcome of a federal election? That’s a felony that carries a 20 year sentence.

But then again, why wasn’t Dan Rather and his “source” charged with that crime regarding those phony George Bush National Guard letters?

I think a rookie detective could’ve made the case that Dan Rather knew damn well or had reason to suspect the letters were forgeries but went ahead with the story in the hopes he could turn the election at the last minute.

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