Latest Dumb Idea: Hand Feeding Polar Bears

Hand-feeding a polar bear mamma and her cubs sounds like an animal lover’s dream. Unfortunately, according to some experts, the time may soon come when polar bears have no other means of survival.

Read all the stupidity here:

Actually I think it’s a grand idea. Every hipster environmentalist should head up there with a bucket full of vegan treats. I’m sure the bears will be happy to show you what’s for dinner…

Polar bear attacking woman

I have no doubt the bears will become all fat and happy munching on the greasy entrails of Global Warmists.

Seriously, I’m always amazed at the utter ignorance of people who profess concern for some issue. If they’d care enough to take a glance at websites other those those dedicated to promoting an agenda they might discover the population of polar bears has been on the rise these last few decades. Does that sound like polar bears are starving and on the edge of extinction?

Polar bears have existed longer than humans. In all that time, for all the warm spells that occurred, they survived. They did so because they don’t care where the edge of the ice is, they simply live where ever it happens to be from one year to the next.

These silly people don’t even have to travel to the extreme arctic to find the bears. Any native village along the Hudson Bay will do. Every year the bears come into town wandering about causing panic.

Going there these progressive nature lovers might learn the value of a gun, since no one dare set foot outside their cabin without a rifle. Although, I doubt the residents would appreciate all these tourists coming up there and enticing these carnivores with easy treats. Because when the tourists leave, the only easy treats left will their children and sled dogs.


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