Latest Anti-Trump Fake News Backfires, Many Injured

Well the big news today is an intel report from a supposed ex-MI6 agent, paid for by NeverTrump Republicans and Democrats that was passed to the FBI by John McCain.

This report has been floating around in the media for months, but they were unable to verify any of it and so it languished until CNN and Buzzfeed decided to publish the report anyway, albeit with disclaimers.

The predictable result is a major back-eye. Both for CNN and Buzzfeed as well as John McCain, his RINO pals and the DNC.

One of the most salacious claims was that Trump spent a night in the same room at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow that the Obama’s used during an official trip to Russia. During that time Trump hired prostitutes to perform ‘golden showers’ (urinate) on the bed to defile it in an act of childish spite.

The report goes on to state that it was well known that the Russian FSB had all the rooms in the hotel rigged with cameras and microphones.

More on this:

Oh really? So that means the Secret Service knowingly allowed the president and his wife to sleep in a hotel room that they knew, or had reason to believe was bugged by Russian spies.

Apparently, so obsessed with finding, or in this case, manufacturing dirt against Trump the media seems to have missed that obvious conclusion.

This whole spectacle also calls into question the credibility of US intelligence agencies that they fell for this. How is Trump supposed to trust anything these people bring to his attention?

One other amusing aspect of this fiasco is that last night Obama gave his tearful farewell address in Chicago. Thanks to all the media frenzy over this latest fake news, Obama’s last moment in the spotlight has been overshadowed to the point where it may as well never happened. Trump has sucked all the air out of the room and Obama is the forgotten man.

That’s gotta hurt his ego.

Bye Obama.


  1. Sembawangbolo

    I could only take about 30 minutes of O’bombo’s droning self-absorption before my Lie-O-Meter started smoking and melted down from all the lies. His irrelevant speech was just as exciting as a reheated MOO-chelle skool lunch “surprise”.

    Good riddance, Worst President Evah[tm] Chitcago was the perfect backdrop for ending a failed 8-year political career.

  2. Adam Baum

    I have quite a few friends here in S.E. PA, many in lower Bucks county….Land of the uber-rich Libtard. Judging by their FB posts they buy into the Golden Shower meme HL&S. No confessions from the perpetrators will sway their beliefs in the slightest. Even if this were true, The Donald would only be engaging in hetero-normative behaviors AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN. That carpet munchers and bed-post-bandits complain is comical at best. Also, Libtards will be at a total loss to square this with “BJ” Clintons’ ‘Cigar Trick’ in the Oval Office as a sitting POTUS no less, with a powerless female underling. That *IS* the very definition of rape (even if “consensual”) because of the male-dominated power structure of the 1990’s Whitehouse, according to Feminist Logic.

    • Sembawangbolo

      Another reason why I’m SO I’m NOT on Fakebook. Why waste precious moments of life, that one can never get back, reaffirming that there are mentally deranged, insane and utterly lunatic libtards that are thoroughly incapable of reason and cognitive thought? These are the people (and I won’t call them “Americans” because they divorced themselves from that concept long ago) that will gladly gobble up a $h!t sammich over real steak because to them unreality is reality and what is good is evil and bad. But I digress…

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