Lady Gardener Turns Her Hose Into a Weapon Against a Flasher

“He’s lucky I wasn’t pruning.” A lady gardener was outside watering her Dogwood tree when a suspicious, shirtless man pulled up in a car and asked her for directions. He turned out to be a flasher. And she gave him a cold shower.

DECATUR, Ga. — A Decatur woman is using a garden hose to fight crime in her neighborhood.

Nancy Eilen said a man exposed himself right next to her home on Tuesday.

11Alive contacted Decatur police and found out there was another similar incident in the neighborhood just a few days before.

Eilen said she loves taking care of her plants and her Oakhurst neighborhood. But she never imagined a hose would help her accomplish both.

The incident started when a man pulled up next to her house on Feld Avenue as she was watering her dogwood tree. She said the stranger seemed suspicious.

“I made eye contact with the driver and saw he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I thought that was strange,” she said.
Eilen said the man started asking for directions.

“Every time I’d answer, he’d ask another question,” she said.

As she tried to avoid eye contact, tending to her plant, she said the man pulled his car seat back and fully exposed himself.

“I had the suspicion and I said no that’s not what’s going on. Then, I thought, yeah, it is going on. When he leaned back and I saw what he was doing.”

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  1. Whoopie

    Next time he’ll wear a rain coat. But no description of the perp or his car. How are people going to be on the lookout?

  2. Betty Butter


    Too bad she didn’t have some pepper spray, or mace to disable him long enough for the cops to arrive. Preferably, it would have been better to shoot him, but then she would have been arrested.

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