Juror B29 Apologizes To Trayvon Martin Family For Letting Zimmerman Get Away With Murder

State Media & Race Pimps soil themselves in ecstasy!

(FOX) – The second juror to speak publicly told ABC News in an interview made available Thursday that she feels George Zimmerman got away with murder for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, but that there wasn’t enough evidence at trial to convict him under Florida law.

Juror B29 told Robin Roberts that she favored convicting Zimmerman of second-degree murder when deliberations began by the six-member, all-women jury.

“I was the juror that was going to give them a hung jury,” she said. “I fought to the end.”

But by the second day of deliberating, she realized there wasn’t enough proof to convict the 29-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer of a crime.

“George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can’t get away from God,” she said. “And at the end of the day, he’s going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with.”


She said she feels like she owes Martin’s parents an apology.

“I felt like I let a lot of people down, and I’m thinking to myself, `Did I go the right way? Did I go the wrong way?”‘ she said. “As much as we were trying to find this man guilty … They give you a booklet that basically tells you the truth, and the truth is that there was nothing that we could do about it.”

So there you have it folks.

All the ‘proof’ ‘Murica needs that there is a crazed murderer running loose named George Zimmerman.

I wonder if the state media and the Obama Cartel are keeping this alive because they want the racial division or just need the distraction…

Or is it something else?


  1. jagothoptera

    I’d say she pretty much bombed that interview. Hmmm he’s guilty, but it couldn’t be proven & the trial shouldn’t have happened anyway as it was just polical posturing. Obama voter no doubt.

  2. Toda

    He got away with murder but he couldn’t be convicted for manslaughter – really? Sorry honey, but that’s how the justice system works. It takes a full jury to convict or acquit – not a mob, not the Civil Rights Movement of Rev. Al. You may dissent but your objection is simply personal opinion.

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