Johnny Manziel and Aggies Over Sooners Win Worthy of My Famous Green Chile


Whenever Johnny Manziel plays, our entire day revolves around the game.  Today’s Cotton Bowl game was no exception.  In the past, my spouse Check Point Charlie and I have had some tiffs over his obsession with Johnny.  Never before have I seen him so taken by an athlete.  Well, not since Tiger Woods, in any case.

Johnny Manziel and his Texas Aggies just defeated the Oklahoma Sooners, and after spending all day in the kitchen making a batch of my famous green chile sauce, so that Check Point Charlie would be stuffed to the gills during the game, he did not disappoint me and my efforts.  Johnny Manziel, you and your Aggies are worthy of my famous Betty Butter Green Chile Sauce.

The road was a little tough for Johnny and his fellow players in the first half, however, they were back to their old selves during the second.  The final score 41-13, Aggies.  Oklahoma didn’t score a point in the second half.  Johnny zipped up and down the field as usual, and Check Point Charlie was glued to the television screen the whole time.

As for my Green Chile Sauce, it was a winner, too.  It is a kind of Mexican etouffee.  I start out by browning a package of Jimmy Dean sausage, add 3/4 cups of oil, 1 1/2 cups of flour and brown the flour in the oil until I have a nice sausage roux.  Then I add about 4 cups of water while the flour and sausage mixture expands into a gooey paste.  To that I add 2 large cans of Hatch’s diced green chiles, a large can of Contadina Crushed tomatoes.  Two tablespoons of chile power, one minced jalapeno, 1/2 cup dried minced onion, cumin, oregano, garlic and more water if necessary.  It’s enough sauce to last all winter, and I take it out of the freezer occasionally and use to to smother eggs and burritos.  The recipe isn’t Mex-Mex, it isn’t Tex-Mex, it’s New Mex-Mex, and you can’t get it in Texas, except for at a Denver owned breakfast chain restaurant called “The Egg and I.”

Well, congratulations to Johnny for a great year and for not letting your winning the Heisman trophy get in the way of another great win.


  1. reiuxcat

    It was a great game to watch.

    No cheese? And you misspelled Reiux, probably to avoid the residuals I am due for inventing gravy centuries past.

    hyuk hyuk 😉

    • Betty Butter


      Reiuxcat, I had no idea you held the intellectual property on gravy. Of course, everything is better when smothered in gravy. As for the cheese, it may be placed inside the burrito, or on top of the gravy, and if it weren’t for my conquistador ancestors, there would be no cheese enchiladas, no cheese in burritos, no cheese on tacos, and no cheese jalapeno poppers.

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