Joe Biden and The Democrat’s Hypocrisy On Supreme Court Nominees

Way back when George H.W. Bush was a lame-duck President and Joe Biden was a simple Senator from Delaware, the current lame-duck VP delivered a statement that has become his most enduring contribution to the way our government works.

It was 1992 when Biden delivered a stern warning to then-President Bush that the Congress would not allow him to seat a Supreme Court justice during the last year of his presidency.

The “Biden Rule” as it became known ironically boomeranged back on Biden and President Obama in 2016. When President Obama chose to nominate Judge Merrick Garland to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, it was Senator Biden who Senate Republicans quoted when they decided not to hold hearings on the nomination.

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Even more ironic is that in 2007, Chuck Schumer himself declared that the moratorium on Supreme Court replacements should extend to 18 months.

Now Chuck Schumer has the gall to suggest that Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court would be ‘illegitimate’ because he’d be taking a “stolen” seat.

Stolen how you might ask? Stolen because the Senate refused to vote on Obama’s nominee offered up during his last 11 months in office.

Of course it does no good to point out Democrat hypocrisy, they want everything both ways when it’s for their own benefit and neither way when it’s not. If there was such a thing as honesty in politics, the so-called ‘Democratic’ party would have to rename itself the ‘Totalitarian’ party.

But if dishonesty is the hallmark of politics, then the Democrats would certainly hold the title as the most mendacious practitioners.

As Conservatives have always known and voters have only begun to realize, everything the Democrats stand for is a lie. They claim to be the party of the ‘little guy’ but they are in fact the party of the wealthy elite. They say they represent democracy but we’ve just witnessed the disdain the have for the electoral process. They say they’re the party of peace yet it was a Democrat who embroiled us in virtually every major conflict since and including WWI.

Deception is built into the Democrat Party because if their true intent were known, nobody in their right mind or in good conscience would ever vote for them.

It’s just a shame that it’s taken so long for so many to finally wake up to that reality. But I guess, better late than never.


  1. Stefi

    If Obama wanted to fill that seat he could have nominated someone who the GOP would accept but he chose not to. Obama thought holding out was the better tactical decision because he was stupid enough to think Hillary was going to win. So whether Democrats want to accept it or not, the consequence of that tactical blunder is that the Republicans will confirm Trump’s nomination.

  2. Alan

    I think we just got lucky that Trump decided to run and beat the other Republican candidates on that primary stage. We’d probably have a Madam President elect right now if any of the other candidates had won the Republican nomination. The Republican establishment tried very hard to feed us “more of the same” crap they did with Romney. Trump energized the voter base with his “kick ass” attitude because Americans were fed up with “more of the same” crap.

    • Sembawangbolo

      Right. Can you imagine if Jub! or that whiney RINO crybaby K-sack were running against Killery? We’d be looking at THE most corrupt, criminal administration imaginable. Garland would be a saint compared to who Killery would dig up to replace RuthBuzzy Ginsberg or Kennedy, Breyer or Souter. I shudder to think.

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