Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal Implicates Wife For Tax Fraud

(CBS) – Federal prosecutors are now ready to file their plea agreement with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., CBS 2 has learned.

Jackson’s wife, Sandi, faces legal troubles under the arrangement.

Formal charges against Jesse Jackson Jr. could be filed as soon as Friday and Tuesday at the latest. His plea has also implicated his wife, leading to tax fraud charges against her.

The filing at the U.S District Courthouse in Washington will not require a court appearance by either Jackson. Plea agreements will be submitted to the court clerk and assigned to judges, who will set initial court dates.

Tax yourself by reading more:

Oh my, it didn’t long for that little dynasty to come tumbling down. But as crooked Democrat politicians go, what Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife did are small potatoes. So what really triggered all this and why wasn’t it swept under the carpet like the corruption other Democrat politicians are involved in?

Some folks point to Jesse Jackson Jr.’s attempt to buy the Senate seat vacated by Obama. But I can’t help feeling that the “hot mic” incident involving his father, you remember, when he suggested that he’d like to cut Obama’s nuts off, played a far bigger role. Call it Chicago style payback.

Now for some pics to illustrate the Jackson empire’s fall from grace…

Jesse Jackson Sr grin

The “Godfather” sittin’ in tall cotton


Daddy warbucks lookin’ whooped


Junior full of spunk as he heads off to Congress. The world is his oyster.


How the mighty have fallen

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