Iraqi School Kids Find Dead ISIS Fighters A Source Of Amusement

In turns both comical and horrific, the image of a half-buried ISIS fighter on the streets of Mosul gives an insight into the desensitisation of a generation of Iraqi children.

In the photograph – which was taken yesterday – an Iraqi special forces soldier, holding a sub-machine gun, glares angrily at a group of children, one of whom seems to be giggling at the bizarre sight of the dead militant’s legs sticking up in the air.

The shocking image’s release comes as Human Rights Watch claimed an Iraqi government-backed militia had killed suspected ISIS fighters in cold blood after their capture.

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Where to begin? Ok, I like the DailyMail online as a source of unbiased news, but they really need to learn more about firearms terminology. That’s not a sub-machine gun, it’s AR-15. If you’re not going to use the right words, don’t use them at all. I mean, does it even matter that he has any sort of gun? He’s a soldier fer chissakes! It’s as silly as pointing out that he’s wearing combat boots.

And I don’t see the soldier “glaring angrily” at the children, he appears to be stomping on the exposed legs of the corpse while the children laugh and gawk.

Finally, as for that ‘Human Rights’ group, if anyone deserves to be killed in cold blood it’s members of ISIS. Where are these bull$hit humanitarians when ISIS is burning people alive, cutting the throats of children and amputating hands? I think any so-called humanitarian who shows up to shed a tear for ISIS deserves to be killed in cold blood too.

By the way, that is a damn funny pic. I think they should make a bronze statue of two mangled legs sticking out of the ground and erect it in the town square so future generations can laugh at ISIS.

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