iPad Air Explodes In Flames In Australia

fried iPadApple fanbois around the world are on red alert after one of the latest fruity fondleslabs caught fire and exploded in an Australian Vodafone shop.

A demonstration model of the new iPad Air caused a fire so intense that the fire brigade were called.

Although no-one was hurt in the fire, fanbois around the world will be sleeping a little less easily tonight.

A photograph obtained by the Daily Mail shows Apple’s hottest (sorry) fondleslab looking like it had been baked in a dirty oven.

The newspaper quoted a Vodafone spokesman who saw a “burst of flames” shoot out of the iPad’s charging port.

An Apple iApparatchik was straight on the scene to work out why the Air had caught fire.

Read the rest:

It exploded because that’s what lithium batteries do, often for no apparent reason. The bigger the battery, the more lithium it contains, the bigger the fireball.

Doubt me? Try drilling into an old used lithium battery some rainy Saturday like I did. Watch out for the pretty pink flame that comes roaring out of it. It may even take off like a skyrocket.

(Fondleslabs, heh)

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