Internet’s Favorite Mall Cop Gets Pink Slip

internet mall copATLANTA – A security guard who became an online star after Tasing customers he deemed out of control is losing his job.

Darien Long, a security guard at the Metro Mall in downtown Atlanta, became known worldwide after videos of him Tasing people he deemed out of control went viral on the internet.

Long said that he was given a pink slip by his employers for financial reasons.

“They lost three vendors. They can no longer afford to pay me. So that’s why they’re letting me go,” Long said.

Some have questioned whether Long’s uncompromising style of law enforcement is the reason for his dismissal.

Watch a video and read the rest:

What really irked the Left about this guy was that he was black and couldn’t be accused of racism for his aggressive style.

Being black, he knew how to handle these troublemakers. That loudmouthed belligerent yakity-yak might work on some guilt ridden white guy, but he wasn’t playing the fool. He gave back as good as he got.

We’ve seem the same phenomenon at inner city schools where the kids run wild in halls until the school board hires a big burly black principal who isn’t going to take any guff. He grabs the little miscreants by the scruff of their necks, orders them to shut their damn mouths, pull up their pants and suddenly their attitude changes for the better.

Why? Because they know he ain’t no chump and they won’t get away with crying “racism.”

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