Inequality of Foot Sizes is a Terrible Injustice that Mayor Deblasio Should Address Immediately

The term ‘inequality’ is the current key and pivotal propaganda word being used by progressives, as evident in Mayor Deblasio’s recent appearance on the Jon Stewart Show. Mayor Deblasio worked in the word inequality (or its plural form) eight times into his conversation with Jon Stewart along with the word ‘progressive,’ which he used six times.

So I have one question for Mayor Deblasio and all progressives who are so concerned about the inequalities between people. Some people have large feet, some people have small feet and some people have medium feet? (see foot chart below) Why? Why is there so much inequality in foot sizes among American citizens? Is inequality of foot sizes not a terrible injustice, and shouldn’t progressives be concerned about all the variations in foot sizes? Just wondering.


  1. Whoopie

    The average person can live comfortably on $30,000 a year. I bet Mayor DeCommie gets paid much more than that. He should give the excess to the homeless. But “From each according to ability, to each according to need” never seems to apply to the rich progressive elites.

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