Hollywood Hypocrites Demand Gun Control

This video is a powerful indictment of Hollywood’s hypocrisy regarding gun control. These celebs enrich themselves portraying the violent misuse of guns while they wag their fingers at law abiding gun owners who only seek to defend themselves, hunt or target shoot for recreation.

Why do so many urban yoots think you hold a handgun canted to the side? Where do they get the idea that spraying up a neighborhood with an AK-47 comes without any consequences? Where do they get the idea that you can mow down dozens of people and then simply walk away without any repercussions?

They learn this crap from watching movies. Movies where the gun never runs out. Where the badguy’s bullets never seem to hit the hero. That the hero, if he does get shot, simply shrugs it off and never spends weeks in the hospital or is left a cripple. And time and time again the message is, if you’re a bad enough, you can simply walk away and the cops never bother to track you down. Everyone in the neighborhood will fear and respect you and money and pretty girls will rain down on you from heaven.

I know, sane people like you or I know better, but sadly, America has lost it’s mind and it’s moral foundations. They’ve been eaten away by the corrosive effects of pop-culture. And because these adolescent fools can’t differentiate between reality and fantasy, it’s somehow our fault. Law abiding gun owners musty pay the price for Hollywood’s misdeeds.

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the movie (strong language warning)…


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