With Hillary Loss, Clinton Foundation Contributions Dry Up


Donations to the Clinton Foundation nose-dived last year amid Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, pay-to-play allegations, internal strife and a black mark from a charity watchdog.

Contributions fell by 37 percent to $108 million, down from $172 million in 2014, according to the group’s latest tax filings.

Not only did contributions drop, but so did revenue the Clintons brought in from speeches. That income fell to $357,500 from $3.6 million in 2014.

By the time the foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative held its annual conference in September 2015, many donors had bailed, including Samsung and ExxonMobil.

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For those hell bent on giving the Clinton’s the benefit of the doubt on whether they intentionally set up the Foundation as a pay-to-play operation, it appears that many big contributors believed that’s what it was.

Now that Hillary no longer has anything to offer and worse, that the Foundation is coming under increased scrutiny, donors are jumping ship.

Which brings us to another realization, that all these big money donors never really gave a crap about HIV, Haitians or the poor in developing countries. Nor did they believe that the Foundation was actually doing any good deeds with all that money.

Sean Penn is another one who’s coming to realize that the rich and famous really don’t give a crap…

It’s easy to see why celebs love a charity gala – they get to pout for the cameras in their finery, catch up with their famous pals, and in return are lauded in the press.

But Sean Penn has a bone to pick with his fellow stars – saying too many of them just turn up to fundraisers, and leave without donating.

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Silly Sean, these people think that they have contributed, simply by attending. Their very presence is supposed to motivate the rest us to give until it hurts. In their opinion, they did their part just by showing up to drink your booze and stuff their faces.

Did you really think they brought their checkbooks? Tell me you’re not that naive.

No, when the uber rich write 6 and 7 figure checks, they expect more in return than just a glass of champagne and hor d’oeuvres.

And Hillary knew that, even if Sean Penn didn’t.



  1. Doom

    You know they are too big to go to prison, and it would endanger too many political toes. Perhaps they can be forced out of having access though. Maybe some of the fish in that can be fried. Maybe corrections can be made on the international political stage because of it. Justice, for these, will have to wait I guess. That is the way it works, for now. Then again, that is most likely why they are going to hell, and they can’t let go of it. Camel’s, eye of a needle, lust as root of evil.

  2. Sembawangbolo

    No one wants to listen to a shrill, out of control, raging harpie anymore. Even at a discount, who wants to listen to her lies anymore?

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