Girly Euro Men Add Wearing a Blanket to Habit of Carrying Man-Purses


From the Daily Beast

Street style takes a dismal turn in February when, at least on the East Coast, it simply becomes too cold to look good. Gloves, hats, and mittens are now essential parts of outdoor life. But in the streets of some of the world’s most fashionable cities, men are amplifying their scarves to giant proportions. That’s because they’re wearing blankets.

Perhaps taking a page out of the Snuggie playbook, blankets have become the latest fashion trend to take hold on streets from Florence to New York, where men (and even a few women) are wearing blankets instead of scarves or coats.

“It’s scarves on steroids! A little bit of the dandy!” Michael Fink, Dean of the Fashion School at the Savannah College of Art and Design, told The Daily Beast. “‘Oh, I can’t find my coat so I’ll throw on a blanket instead.’ What could be more carefree than that?”

Click Here to see pictures of girly men in blankets, and when you scroll down the page on the Daily Beast, you’ll see a man carrying a purse along with wearing a blanket.

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