Germany: Cops Arrest Syrian Refugee Planning Car Bomb Attacks

German police have arrested a Syrian refugee who allegedly asked ISIS to fund an attack using explosives-packed vehicles.

The unemployed 38-year-old migrant urged an ISIS contact via mobile phone message service Telegram to send him 180,000 euros, prosecutors said.

Police commandos raided his apartment in Saarbruecken near the French border around 2:00 am on New Year’s Eve.

He was detained before being formally arrested on terror financing charges on New Year’s Day.

The man’s ‘as yet undefined attack scenario’ suggested turning cars into suicide bombs in Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, police said.

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Yesterday I came upon a website that interviewed the CIA contractor who interrogated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The contractor reports that he asked Sheikh Mo how it was possible to call Islam the religion of peace while trying to murder innocent people. The jihadist replied that we in the West misunderstand the idea of peace. He said that to a Muslim, peace meant a day when all people submit to Islam and sharia law.

That’s pretty much what I always suspected, funny that so many world leaders, who should know better, apparently aren’t aware of this fact.

Take Angela Merkel for example. In her New Year’s address, after finally acknowledging that the gravest threat facing Germany is Islamic terrorism committed by Muslim migrants, she doubled down on stupid by suggesting that the German people would defeat them through compassion, rather than rounding them all up and deporting them.

I don’t think simply turning her out of office next election is enough. An angry mob should tear her limb from limb like a pack of wild dogs dismembering a deer carcass.

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  1. Sembawangbolo

    I think it’s more compassionate to round them up and deport them. It would be fun to watch Merkel get torn limb from limb–kinda a reminder of what happens to socialism in the end.

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