George Soros Gets Punched In Head By Ex-Girlfriend

Adriana FerreyrToo bad she wasn’t wearing brass knuckles…

Adriana Ferreyr, a South American soap actress flew into a rage during a deposition in her $50 million palimony lawsuit against the 83 year old billionaire, Nazi sympathizer and Democrat party financier.

“A$$hole, you piece of $hit!” she screamed at Soros as she passed him in the hallway.

Later during a lunch break she lunged at Soros and socked him in the side of his head knocking off the headphones he was wearing.

She wound up to punch him in the face but Soros’ lawyer grabbed her arms. When he let her go she slugged him in the face knocking his glasses off.

Ferreyr, 30 is upset because Soros had promised to give her a $1.9 million apartment in NYC but reneged on the deal giving the apartment to another woman who he eventually married.

Read all about it here:

Ya know, George Soros is so rich he could easily afford to have given this woman the $2 million he promised her. Now he’ll probably spend more than that in legal fees. But it just goes to show what a douchebag he is.



  1. Sembawang Bolo

    I suppose if you average this out to a Klinton/Lewinski comparison of age difference Soros is a literal cradle robber, among other things. And Soros has rightfully been called worse things than an @$$hole, to which I’m sure he would gleefully concur. Soon Soros will be dead and the world will be better off. May his money burn in Hell alongside him.

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