Gary Busey Officially Wealthier Than US Government

Gary BuseySeriously! He’d only need $450,000 to be able to brag that he’s flat broke.
Contrast that with Uncle Sam who’d have to come up with $16 Trillion to make that claim.

Back in February Gary Busey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy saying that he owed $500,000 and had no means whatsoever to pay it back. Well the the judge agreed allowing him to keep his staggering $26,000 in personal assets while wiping out about $57,000 that Busey owed to creditors.

Unfortunately the judgement couldn’t erase the $451,000 Busey owes in unpaid taxes.

Get the specific dollar amount to the penny here:

Actually, Gary owes even more in taxes now. When a judge allows you to write off a debt, the IRS considers that virtual income and you have to pay taxes on that amount. Oh cruel world!

Let this be a lesson about the dangers of becoming addicted to tooth whitening strips.

Gary didn’t return our calls (either because his cell phone account has been deactivated or because he couldn’t get a signal at the homeless shelter where he’s staying).


  1. G8RFN

    I am quite sure the majority of American and a large part of third world countries are wealthier than the US Gov’t. Sad…so sad.

    • Whoopie


      Well there ya go, Obama fulfilled one his promises, to make everyone wealthier (relatively speaking). America was the richest nation on Earth and now even a hobo has more money than America. Heck, you’d have to be $17 trillion in debt to be poorer.

      Next he’ll make us all millionaires, like them folks in Zimbabwe (where it costs a million devalued Zimbucks to buy a loaf of bread).

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