Frack You Governor Cuomo

fracking-wellReminiscent of the 80’s Classic “Revenge of the Nerds”, a lawsuit was filed against New York Governor Cuomo for stonewalling “studies” on the safety of Hydraulic Fracturing.  The rabid anti-Fossil fuel, anti-drilling, anti-fracking Left is doing everything within it’s power to delay or deny Oil producers from tapping into Billions of dollars of Natural Resources buried deep in New York State’s shale fields – some of the same fields that have produced nearly 1 Billion dollars in Royalties to Pennsylvania landowners.   The lawsuit has been brought by private landowners who want to cash in on the “mineral rights” buried on their properties.  New York, supported by Green Lobbies and Coalitions have resisted the development by dragging our the “study” process (do I hear Keystone Pipeline?) to prevent or delay it’s implementation.

For those of you in Yorba Linda, Hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) is a technique developed  in 1947 and first used commercially the year I was born in 1949.  Over 2 Million wells have been produced using this technique – over 1 Million here in the United State’s.  This type of drilling is nearly 100% safe with only a fraction of a percent having ever contaminated wells, aquafers or contaminating water supplies.  Even the EPA declared it to be a safe technology with no record of ever contaminating water sources.

Only alarmists and agenda driven ideologues oppose this having contaminated Low Information Voters with false information and trumped up documentries like Gasland that have been debunked.

Let the Fracking Begin.  Get the Frack out of the way Governor Cuomo.

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  1. Whoopie

    As the pic illustrates, oil and gas wells are hundreds of feet below the water table. Gravity being what it is, it’s not possible for fracking fluids to migrate upwards through the rock strata to where the water table is. And the drill hole has a liner so nothing that flows back up the pipe can get into the water table.

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