Fist Fights Erupt When Fat Woman Insults Bikini Clad Barista in Washington State

They must have to crank the heat way up in order to work in bikinis at a coffee house in Anacortes, Washington.

From Daily Caller:

A quaint tourist town in Washington State has become divided over a coffee stand run by scantily clad bikini-wearing baristas.

At the center of the dispute is Meghan Calavan, owner of the Sips Ahoy coffee stand, and a female resident of Anacortes who accused Calavan of making offensive comments about her weight.

The argument between the two women has caught the attention of local authorities, has compelled members of the community to engage in fist fights and has threatened the survival of the popular sailor-themed bikini barista stand.

The feud first began on Facebook when Jesseka Kathleen Cladek posted on the Sips Ahoy page that the business was a “run down whore house.”

Meghan Calavan’s father, Kelly defended his daughter’s honor and came to the coffee stand’s defense.

He wrote that Cladek was “a huge fat b—- that no one would want to see in a bikini.”

The elder Calavan added, “She is just jealous of you beautiful fine lady’s!!.She looks like a fat pugsly Addams!!! [sic].”

Meghan Calavan also joined the argument on the company’s page. She posted that Cladek was “just jealous cause she’s fat and ugly and always will be. She’s gross lol look at her pictures. Her arms are the size of my thigh lollololol”

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