Fire Paper Planes Out of a 3D Made Origami Machine Gun

Stick 200 sheets of A5 paper into the back of this machine gun and instead of firing bullets when you pull the trigger, it will unleash a barrage of up to 120 paper airplanes every minute.

If you have a Japanese wife who is good at folding Origami paper, she might help you make all those paper airplanes.

From Gizmodo:

There are a few off-the-shelf parts in Dieter Michael Krone’s wonderful creation, including the guts from a cheap cordless screwdriver to power it. But everything else was created with the help of a 3D printer, and certainly a brilliant grasp of engineering. It’s not something you could easily sneak into the back of a classroom, but if you can get this thing to the top of a skyscraper you can certainly have a bit of fun watching a barrage of paper planes drift down into a city. [Dieter Michael Krone via Tastefully Offensive]

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And from another Gizmodo article:

Dieter Michael Krone’s paper airplane folding machine first appeared back in 2014, but since then he has vastly improved its design and performance. Built from a combination of 3D-printed components and purchased parts, the completely custom creation, now known as the PFM A5 v2.0, is the least intimidating machine gun you’ve ever seen—unless you’re a teacher at the front of a classroom finding yourself suddenly being bombarded with hundreds of paper planes.

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  1. Sembawangbolo

    The perfect “weapon” for distraught snowflakes protesting “Trump’s not my prez”. Flower Power model coming soon.

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