The Fight For Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity Begins

Will Americans with carry permits in their home state finally be allowed to carry across state lines without fear of felony prosecution? Last week, a North Carolina Congressman introduced a bill requiring national reciprocity among states that allow concealed carry, and even picked up a couple of Democratic sponsors in the House. Rep. Richard Hudson argues that driver’s licenses get full reciprocity, and that licenses for the exercise of a constitutionally protected right should get the same consideration.

The House referred the bill to the Judiciary Committee for consideration, and its chair Bob Goodlatte has an A rating from the NRA. The bill is likely to proceed from Judiciary in a timely manner, and a floor vote would have an all but certain chance of success, especially with Democratic co-sponsors.

However, the real question will be whether it manages to get a companion bill in the Senate.

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As the article notes, the GOP has only a slim majority in the Senate and Chuck Schumer, who hates the 2nd Amendment to begin with, will oppose any attempt to offer a Senate bill, particularly because he’s bound to get shellacked on Trump’s cabinet nominees and likely his Supreme Court pick, so he desperately needs a victory, albeit via the filibuster gimmick.

The article suggests that the best chance nationwide reciprocity has is after 2018 when the GOP will likely have a super majority in the Senate which would cut-off any attempt to filibuster this or any other bill.

That’s probably the best chance to pass a law deregulating firearm suppressors too.

In the meantime, you can expect the anti-gun crowd and their media tools to launch another hysterical propaganda blitz chock full of lies in an effort to frighten Americans into writing their congressmen and senators and most importantly, if nothing else, opening their wallets.

Likewise, NRA members can expect desperately worded fundraising letters in their mailboxes on a nearly daily basis as well.


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  1. Sembawangbolo

    With all the “non violent” violent criminals and g’tmo terrorists that the Kenyan @$$hat released, because of his intolerable hatred for Americans, passing such a bill is a no-brainer.

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