How Facebook Plans To Enforce ‘Fake News’ Censorship

With all the yak-yak about ‘fake news’ some folks have been left wondering exactly how Facebook and Google plan to enforce this censorship scheme the Left has concocted.

Well, this video by Melissa Dykes details the crap that was thrown at her by Facebook and YouTube simply for reporting a genuine news story about a law that would authorize the government to tag mentally impaired individuals with tracking devices.

Now this isn’t some far-fetched conspiracy theory about Hillary and Podesta running a child porn ring out of a pizza shop or even UFOs and chemtrails. This is a genuine, honest-to-god news story about Representative Louie Gohmert raising objections to the legislation on the House floor. Nothing more.

Here’s a video in which Ms. Dykes explains what happened next (if the video seems to freeze right at the start, jump ahead one minute)…

You can read more about this at DC Clothesline:

And finally, what this whole ‘fake news’ garbage is about is the mainstream media trying to recapture their role as the gatekeepers and arbiter of what they deem ‘news worthy’. That squinty eyed gingerkid, Mark Zsuckerbird, over at Facebook has sold out his subscribers in the hope that the mainstream media will anoint his operation as one of the ‘legitimate’ news outlets.

But the joke is on the Facebook/Google/media complex and the Leftwing establishment. Hillary didn’t lose because ignorant people were deceived by ‘fake news’. People choose to read the news that validates their opinions. And their opinion was that Hillary was a lying scoundrel.

The mainstream media no longer appeals to a growing majority of consumers and there is nothing they can do that will reverse that trend. We live in an information age and people want and demand more detail and options than the mainstream media is willing to provide.

Had CNN hacked their way into Trump’s email like WikiLeaks did to Podesta, they would’ve gotten a Pulitzer Prize. Well the shoe is on the other foot now and they can’t handle it.


  1. Alan

    I don’t have a Face Book account but why have a lot of sites tied into Face Book for comments? for example. I had an account there where I could log in and comment on news articles and starting about 3 months ago you have to log into your Face Book account to comment. Even Smith & Wesson started requiring you to log into Face Book to enter their give-a-way contests. I emailed them and told them I was not a member of Face Book and to remove me from their email list if they were going to hook up with that site. They emailed me another contest entry that did not require a Face Book account and have since stopped requiring that for their contests.

    • Sembawangbolo

      You and me both. No Fakebook account here either. It almost seems like they’re trying to force you into having one by ‘requiring’ everything to go through. And if you don’t have one, you’re an out-if-touch ancient dinosaur who lives in the past. Too ‘Big Brother’ for me and too much information for people whom I don’t want to know.

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