Face The Nation: Pelosi Doubles Down On Stupid


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that despite Democrats losing the House, Senate, and almost two-thirds of state houses, the American people don’t want a new direction.

The California congressman appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday and instead said the issue facing Democrats is simply a failure of communication.

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So there ya go folks, we’re either too stupid to know what’s best for us or we been lied to by “fake news” sources like Fox and Drudge.

Obama touched on the same thing just recently during an interview with the utterly reliable news source ‘Rolling Stone’. We need to ignore our lying eyes (and other common senses) and accept whatever they tell us as the gospel truth.

That’s fine. Frankly, I don’t want these dinosaurs to wise up and mend their ways. I think they should make that Muslim racist Keith Ellison head of the DNC and then start grooming that douche Colin Kaepernick to run for president in 2020.

And just to make sure they get their message of ‘tolerance’ and ‘unity’ out there for all to see, how about a non-stop campaign of violent riots, suicide bombings, arson and stabbings?


  1. Sembawangbolo

    Nansky Peloski is the face of the New Stupid that wouldn’t get it even if it were slapping her in the face. I suppose in Nansky World (that makes Wayne’s World look normal) there is no need to change course. There’s only one direction and that is over the edge or top or whatever. These are the people who insist to the grave that the earth is flat and [junk] science says so.

    And, yes, they should have Keith The Jackal heading up DNC. They can have a virgin (like Rosie Odonnell) continuously mopping the spilled drool and foam as he rages on in his red strait jacket complete with hammer and sickle logo and a cute star thrown in there somewhere.

    And what could be better than some good, old fashioned libtard expression of tolerance than with a diverse array of riots posing as “protests”, arson, suicide bombings and stabbings? It gives the common folk a reason for target practice and using that new firearm Santa brought them for Christmas.

  2. Betty Butter

    In a way, Pelosi is right about lack of communication. Like Rush always said, Democrats can’t tell you who they really are and what they are really up to, because if they did, you wouldn’t vote for them. After Bernie, however, I think they have been emboldened to come right out and say they are commie socialists.

    Remember how Nancy said about the Affordable Health Care Act: “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Well, you have to vote for a Democrat and get them elected before you find out who they really are.

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