Democrats Fastest Growing Group Of New Gun Buyers

I know, the Democrats should rename themselves the Ironic Party. Seems like the political demographic that has shown the most growth in gun ownership are Democrats, go figger.

Dems buying guns graph

As you can see by the graph above Democrats buying guns began to out pace Republicans starting about 2010. Maybe it was the GOP sweep of the mid-term elections or maybe they too realized that if they ever wanted a gun, now might be their last chance.

Either way, with so many gun owners of both Parties it seems unlikely the Democrats will find much support for any new gun laws. And bear in mind, these new gun sales aren’t the result of people suddenly deciding to become hunters. No, the guns that are the top sellers are the very guns that Democrats would like to ban…assault style weapons and handguns.

Well, I can still see the regime enacting new laws, but I don’t expect these new laws will get much compliance, not even by their fellow Democrat voters.

You can see more graphs showing the utter futility of attempting to ban guns here:

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