DA Refuses To Press Weapons Charges On Football Players

Robinson and Jones

A Louisiana DA has dropped weapons and drugs charges against two Alabama football players – claiming he doesn’t want to ‘ruin their lives’.

Sophomores Cam Robinson and Laurence ‘Hootie’ Jones were arrested in May at a park in Monroe, Louisiana.

Authorities said they found a bag of marijuana and two guns, including one that had been stolen, inside their car.

But DA Jerry Jones declined to prosecute them Monday citing insufficient evidence.

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Yeah, I can tell just by looking at their mugshots that they “dindu nuffin.” I expect they’ze good boys who’ll be a credit to society one day.

But aside from that, what we have is another example of how gun laws go unenforced even as the Left screams that we need more gun laws which only impact the law abiding.

As it stands, these two, had they been prosecuted would’ve struck a plea deal for simple possession of pot and the more serious gun charges would’ve been dropped.

It happens probably a hundred times a day all across America and the Left wonders why ‘gun violence’ is epidemic in the ghetto. But solving a problem is of no interest to the Leftists who created it because they’re too busy creating new problems.

As for these two and all their homeboys, I doubt if they learned any lessons from this, other than what they can get away with. In years to come I expect both of them will have more run-ins with the law until one or both wind up facing homicide charges or dead.

And when that inevitable day dawns, you can bet there’ll be some anti-gun Leftist on TV demanding more laws on law abiding gun owners.

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