Czech Republic: Armed Citizens Best Defense Against Terrorism

Berlin ( – The Czech Republic has resisted calls by the European Union’s executive Commission to tighten gun controls in response to terror attacks.

The Czech interior ministry now wants to loosen its own laws a step further, proposing a constitutional amendment on Monday that would allow its citizens to bear legally-held firearms against the perpetrators of terrorist attacks.

The move comes despite the European Commission’s ongoing advocacy for stricter gun control laws in Europe.

Despite the E.U.’s concerns, the latest Czech proposal argues that armed citizens would be the best defense against terror attacks.

In a statement on Monday, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said that amending the constitution would reduce the chances of attacks by enabling “active and rapid defense.”

Citizens should be given the right to use firearms to defend their “life, health and property” and contribute to “ensuring the internal order, security and territorial integrity” of the country, he said.

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Exactly! And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that despite acts of terrorism in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany, there hasn’t been any such attacks in the Czech Republic.

But then, mass murderers only ever seem to have the courage to commit their crimes in ‘gun free zones’.

Of course, if the EU has a problem with that logic there’s a solution: Czexit.

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