Cops Toss Stun Grenade Into Infant’s Crib

Bou Phonesavanh jrDoctors say the kid has only a 50% chance of survival…

A family is in shock after a SWAT team threw a stun grenade into their 19-month-old son’s crib during a midnight drugs raid, leaving the baby in a medically induced coma with severe burns.

Wisconsin mother Alecia Phonesavanh, her husband, Bounkham, and their children including toddler, Bou Jr., were visiting her sister-in-law in Atlanta, Georgia, when police raided the home early Wednesday.

Phonesavanh said officers threw a stun grenade, which landed in the sleeping child’s crib.

Read more (graphic image warning):

Cops justify the no-knock raid based on an undercover informant who told them that he bought drugs at the suburban home and that the man who sold him the drugs owned a gun.

No mention anywhere what sort of drugs the cops were looking for or if they actually found any in the house. The family has already asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into the matter but apparently they were politely told to go to hell.

Ya know police take this whole ‘war on drugs’ too literally. If the cops feel so threatened, that they have to kick in a door at 3am without knocking first and then flood into the home wearing body armor, tossing grenades and pointing machine guns at the groggy residents, maybe they should turn in their badges and find a safer line of work.

Being a cop barely made the top 10 list of dangerous jobs. Commercial fishermen, loggers, truck drivers, garbage collectors, electrical workers, steel workers, roofers, farmers and pilots are more likely to be killed or injured on the job.

And most of those people don’t get paid as well or enjoy the public adulation, so quit your damn whining.



    • Whoopie


      Yeah, I hear they’re all pretty broken hearted down at the station. Now they won’t be able to buy that “crowd control” flame thrower from the military.

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