Cops Say Antoine Petty Shouldn’t Be Hard To Find

Tat faceProbably hiding at some circus freakshow…

Cops in Maryland are hunting this gun crime suspect who has a face full of distinctive tattoos.

Antoine Petty is accused of stealing a pistol from a pal in Largo last week.

And detectives hope his “unique” appearance will ensure his quick detainment.

Prince George’s County Police Department released a previous mugshot of the 30-year-old in a bid to track him down, reports ABC Local.

Has has a crucifix inked onto his forehead, a balloon on his left cheek and a smiley face on the tip of his nose.

The word “destini” is written on his chin, while the letters “XWWH” appear before his hair line.

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Actually, I think that’s “YHWH” on his forehead, probably an abbreviation for Jehovah between two devil horns.

I’m guessing he blames his criminal lifestyle on his inability to get a decent job. I’m also guessing that he doesn’t connect that to those crappy, amateurish prison tats on his face.

As for his pal who had the gun stolen. I’d reckon anyone who’d be this guy’s buddy is likely a career criminal too. As such, he shouldn’t even have a gun. So Antoine steals his illegal pistol and then what? The guy calls the cops?

Idiots, lock ’em all up and throw away the key.


  1. Sembawang Bolo

    They spelled “destiny” wrong. Now this guy gets to wear this error for the rest of his life or whenever he gets a face transplant, which is what it will take to fix the problem.

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