Cops ID Chicago Torture Thugs

Brittany and Tanisha Covington

Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill

At the press conference, it was revealed that the unidentified victim and Hill were ‘acquaintances’ who had hung out a few times before. The two knew each other from attending a school together.

When Hill picked the victim up, he was driving a stolen van – something the victim apparently did not know. For the first two days, the two hung out visiting friends and the victim reportedly slept in the van at nights.

Things took a turn on Tuesday, when they visited the West Chicago residence of the Covington sisters. A few hours after they arrived at the house, Hill and the victim got into a play fight that then escalated.

That’s when the sisters tied him up and the group started torturing him for about six hours. Half an hour of this torture was live-streamed on Facebook, showing the group beating the young man, cutting off a piece of his scalp, forcing him to drink toilet water. At one point in the video, one of the four yells ‘f*** Donald Trump. F*** white people’ at the victim.

Police says the young man made so much noise as he was being tortured that the downstairs neighbors eventually called police to report the noise.

The group became angered with the downstairs neighbors, and three of them went downstairs to kick the neighbor’s door in. It was at this moment that the victim was able to make a break for it.

Outside of the residence, a police officer saw the victim ‘bloodied and bruised’, wearing a tank top and shorts in the dead of winter, so he decided to walk up and see what was wrong.

The officer was then able to ascertain that the victim was the missing man from Streamwood.

At the Tuesday afternoon press conference, a police spokesman said that the four suspects copped to the torture in their police interviews and none expressed remorse.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest says the beating demonstrates ‘a level of depravity that is an outrage to a lot of Americans.’

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Oh, it’s an outrage to A LOT of Americans. Not ALL Americans, a just a lot of them. Just the “deplorable” ones I guess. The social justice minded ones, not so much. They probably figger that the victim had it comin’ what with his ‘white privilege’ and all.

I have to wonder what they had planned after they were done having their fun. Surely they didn’t think they’d just let him go and nothing more would come of it.

But then again, the guy’s parents knew he was with Jordan Hill, so if he never returned home, the cops would’ve come knocking to ask questions. Perhaps the idiot ghetto trash Hill thought he’d just say he wandered off never to be heard from again and that would be the end of it.

I especially like the look on the face of that sneering baboon Tesfaye Cooper. He thinks he’s a tough guy. He may learn different in prison.

All of them deserve life in prison, no parole. And only because we no longer have lynchin’ trees.

Yesterday in the Daily Mail Piers Morgan denounced these savages. Then he denounced Obama for not speaking out against this sort of savagery in his own hometown of Chicago. That and the fact that Obama hasn’t done enough to curtail ‘gun violence’.

Seriously Piers? You think ‘gun violence’ is what causes stuff like this? It’s not the guns in Chicago, it’s people like these who use the guns.

It’s the hateful ignorant mindset encouraged by Hollywood, Rap music and the rest of our degenerate culture, championed by the Left who seem to have the attitude that it’s better to rule in Hell than serve in heaven.

Well they made their Hell, in places like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Philadelphia, NYC, LA and other Democrat controlled cities.

Maybe when Trump is done building a wall along the border, he can start building walls around these urban centers, just to protect the decent people outside.

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