CNN Spins IRS Tea Party Persecution as Being Overblown by Republicans

The last time CNN did any kind of reporting that pointed to the actual facts about the IRS targeting Tea Parties and refusing to give them tax exempt status as they easily did for left wing organizations, was on May 15, 2013. They did not bother to put up the video (below) of the FBI director being questioned about the FBI’s involvement in going after Tea Party/Patriot groups.

From the CNN home page, I typed “IRS” into their search box and the following articles came up.


  1. Whoopie

    Those darned Republicans are just trying to politicize this….ummm…political scandal. Yeah, that’s it, they’re just using this this for political gain like….ummm….Obama used the IRS to bludgeon and intimidate his…errr…political rivals.

    Dammit, must everything in DC be political? Can’t we just have a nice non-partisan sex scandal?

  2. Whoopie

    All kidding aside, the thought strikes me that once the Democrats have succeeded in reducing this democracy to a one party state, nothing will be partisan or political anymore.

    Now won’t that be better Betty Butter?

  3. Betty Butter


    Of course, it will be better, Whoopie. We won’t have to post anything on this blog anymore because the progressive World of Next Tuesday will have arrived and there will be no need for discussion or dialogue.

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