CNN Ignores and Tamps Down Venezuela Protests Just Like They Did the TEA Party

Below is a screenshot of the stories that come up when you type in the words CNN and Venezuela together.  Notice how the most recent story was 6 days ago.

CNN is doing their best to avoid the inconvenient truth that Venezuelan college students are not happy with the Castro mentored socialism being foisted upon them.  They are freaking out.  They are alarmed and worried that socialism may not survive (Can Venezuela’s socialist government survive wave of protests?).

According to one article, Searching for truth in Venezuela, they have received 2700 requests to report citizen’s stories out of Venezuela, but have only vetted 120.  They are still trying to muddle through the truth.  In fact, they can’t handle the truth.  While Reuters and the BBC are giving Venezuela full coverage, CNN is still in a fog.

When you have continuously attempted to paint a rosy picture of the march towards socialism, in the United States and Venezuela, and full fledged communism in Cuba, only to see it torn down, on top of Ukrainians tearing down one Lenin statue after another, it must be disheartening.  Socialism is a difficult system for a biased news agency like CNN to prop up.


In the article entitled:  Searching for truth in Venezuela, (see above) the author respectfully tiptoes around the news, using the word allegations about the government’s censorship of the news with the phrase ‘allegations of censorship,’ instead of just plain, old censorship.

At the same time, he throws doubt on the repression and attacks on the protestors by Maduro’s police thugs, by implying its an even-handed fight.  He calls the  protests “clashes between anti-government protestors and authorities,” instead of just plain old protests.

He speaks of “covering the violence,” as if it’s about violence foisted on Venezuela by unruly, violent students, and not about a repressed people seeking their freedom  (see photos of the wounded students here in Whoopie’s earlier post, Protests in Venezuela Turn Violent).

The author practically spits on the protestors, accusing them of dispersing misinformation.  Notice how he uses the word ‘alleged’ below:

Social media is playing a vital role in the current unrest as an unfiltered channel for sharing images of protests and alleged abuses.

Instead of saying ‘covering the protests,’ he says ‘covering the violence.’

In addition, strict regulations have pressured media outlets to tread softly when it comes to covering the violence.

Not anywhere in his article does he talk about exactly what it is the students are protesting.  He never mentions how they are fed up with government oppression, rampant inflation, censorship, brutality.   Nope, not a smidgen of reporting on that.

How convenient it is for CNN that Venezuela has told journalists to get out (Venezuela tells CNN journalists to ‘get out’).  They can now delay, if only in their minds, Venezuela’s inevitable march towards freedom of speech, free markets, and legitimately elected leaders.

Well, thank goodness for the internet, or the thug government in Venezuela, with CNN’s help, would be able to pass off the student protests as no big deal.


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  1. Whoopie

    Oh c’mon Betty, CNN is busy trying not to draw connections between Ukraine and Obama’s naive, feckless foreign policy. They don’t have time to follow Venezuela.

    Plus Maduro has pulled the plug on Twitter and opposition websites. His thugs even pointed guns at CNN reporters and took their camera gear.

    Now there are websites covering the protests but most are in Spanish and CNN would have to translate and credit them for the story. So… forget it.

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