Chrysler To Invest $1 Billion, Create 2,000 US Jobs

DETROIT (AP) — Fiat Chrysler says it’s investing $1 billion in its U.S. factories to create 2,000 new jobs and add three new Jeep vehicles including a pickup truck.

The company says it will put modernize a factory in the Detroit suburb of Warren, Michigan, to make the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer large SUVs. A plant in Toledo, Ohio, also will get new equipment to make a new Jeep pickup.

The announcement is a continuation of efforts to increase production of SUVs and trucks as the company gets out of the small and midsize car businesses. (link)

The Fiat Chrysler announcement comes on the heels of Ford’s recent announcement that it has cancelled plans to build a $1.7 billion plant in Mexico and will instead expand operations in Wayne Michigan.

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Naturally, just like the stock market rally that’s been underway since the day after Trump won the election, expect Obama to take credit for this and other companies who, after 8 long years, have suddenly decided to move their operations back to US soil.

Idiot Democrats who have no respect for business to begin with may fall for that crap, but us ‘deplorables’ aren’t fooled one bit. We know exactly who to thank.

His name? El Don.


  1. Alan

    Creating 2000 new jobs at Chrysler will create 1000’s more elsewhere. Those vehicles have to have tires, wheels, upholstery materials, bearings, lights, etc. The vehicle industry has a big impact on jobs in other industries also. Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and the economy is turning around.

    • Whoopie


      Not to mention all the local stores that will have to hire more cashiers and stock boys, more TVs and refrigerators being sold, more home improvement supplies. The supply chain for each new job created stretches way back (sometimes all the way to China).

    • Sembawangbolo

      With the reputation of Jeep, they’ll create a LOT of new jobs–mostly service technicians and repair shops.

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