Chicago May be #1 in Murder, but Houston, TX is #1 in Burglaries


Houston, TX is fast becoming an ugly city in more ways than one.  It now ranks #1 in burglaries over Chicago.

Personally, before we moved away from Houston, I witnessed one crooked, scheming, lying, thieving act after another by people of all colors.  I witnessed reverse racism towards white people, criminal behavior by people of all colors, like the Mexican immigrant waitress at an IHOP who took our dinner coupon and then slyly claimed we never gave it to her, charging us full price for our meal.  And then there was the crooked, German Catholic real estate lady who tried to convince us that our home was worth $50,000 less than it really was so she could prepare us for a ready made Slavic immigrant house flipper client to ‘come in for the kill’ with a ridiculously lowball offer (we did not hire her).  And the Hispanic California transplant loan officer at our bank who treated us shabbily when applying for a loan.  And the thief who stole our neighbor’s brand new lawn mower.  And the five or six burglaries that occurred on our street while we lived there over a 17 year period–and discrimination towards older white people by a black bank clerk from the Virgin Islands.

Yes, Houston is quickly being pulled into a vortex of corruption and lawlessness with no end in sight.  There are third world immigrants who have moved there who have brought along their third world immorality.  They seem to have a completely different definition of freedom.  For them, it’s the freedom to steal, to lie to cheat, to scam and to rip people off.

And the race relations, which used to be very friendly, have deteriorated markedly since the racist in the White House came to power and sent out signals to drive whitey away from ‘sitting at the lunch counter’ as it was for black people in the Jim Crow days.  It’s time to stick it to whitey, and we began to sense and see it everywhere.  Older white citizens are being beaten up and murdered after being followed home from grocery stores.   Walk into a Mexican restaurant and the customers and help, alike, give you cold, icy stares.

From an article on ABC13 Houston (Click Here for more)

“It scares me to death. I’ve been here since ’89 and never been worried about anything, always been on the safe side. But it seems like even within the last few months that it’s getting worse everywhere,” said Bifano.

Theft crimes are a major concern to these workers right now. Especially learning the most recently released FBI data shows Houston ranks number one in the top ten cities for the worst burglaries.

The following numbers have been compiled by the FBI:

  1. Houston – 27,459

  2. Chicago – 26,420

  3. Dallas – 18,727

  4. Phoenix – 18,666

  5. New York – 18,159

Houston is fast becoming the devil’s playground.


  1. G8RFN

    BB, I have traveled to a lot of those third world countries on business and well as for pleasure. You are correct, to them it is an ingrained way of life and they see nothing wrong with it. you would think they could peacefully assimilate to the American way of life and be honest productive citizens. I suppose this is to much to hope for as the marxist in charge has given them a green light.

    • Betty Butter


      I figured this 3rd world connection out while sitting in a movie theater watching a Polish “comedy” at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. In the movie, a local village policeman set up a “speed trap” to stop travelers who weren’t really speeding, and it was supposed to be charming and cute, but it just made me mad. I don’t find corrupt Polish Barney Fifes charming. Imagine if Sheriff Andy sent Barney out to stop people who weren’t really speeding in order to collect revenue for Mayberry – it just wouldn’t have happened. This is the problematic thing about hypocrites who come from Catholic countries like Poland, and laugh at Christian morality.

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