Celeb Jihad: ‘NAACP Announces Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Movie’

Too funny not to share:


The NAACP has announced that they have begun production on a Trayvon Martin movie starring Chaz Bono as George Zimmerman and Jaden Smith as Trayvon Martin.

The story will center around 7-year-old Travyon Martin walking to an orphanage to drop off skittles and iced tea for the children after choir practice. When Trayvon stops to help a golden retriever deliver her breech birthed puppies, he is spotted by George Zimmerman who is on his way home from a Hispanic white supremacists gathering in his Confederate flag painted pickup truck.

Enraged by the sight of a handsome and intelligent black boy so near his trailer home/meth lab, Zimmerman stalks Trayvon while shouting racial slurs. Trayvon tries to get away but Zimmerman is able to catch up to him, and unload his AK-47 when Trayvon pauses to help an elderly veteran cross the street.

The movie concludes with George Zimmerman being named sheriff after he is found not guilty by a jury of skinheads and white Wall Street bankers.

via Celeb Jihad <—- very, very, very NSFW and non-PC link you were warned


  1. You’re missing the whole point. This is all about Skittles. If it weren’t for Skittles, none of this would have never happened. Skittles should be banned!

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