Newest Military Weapon In War Against Islamist, ‘Window Blinds’

    by  • 21 July, 2015 • Military, Politics, WTF • 2 Comments


    Obama assures Pentagon lackeys that closed window blinds will thwart future attacks by practitioners of the religion of peace.  It’s common knowledge that open window blinds only serve to taunt and infuriate otherwise peaceful mooslims. Fo reelz yo: (Daily Surge) – The Obama administration refuses to arm military recruiters following the attack that killed five...

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    You’re Just Plain Stupid…

    by  • 19 July, 2015 • Politics, WTF • 1 Comment


    …if you’re one of those people that think Barack Hussein Obama is/was a great president, a competent commander in chief or even some semblance of a decent human being.  He’s not. Let’s forget everything the lowlife has done thus far.  Gone.  Poof. What kind of a vile, demented POS directs his underlings to do this:...

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    Woman In Coma After Butt Implants Explode

    by  • 15 July, 2015 • Culture, Health, WTF • 2 Comments

    Serena Beuford

    Dis-assed her… A woman in Boston, Massachusetts, is in a coma after her butt implants exploded while she was doing squats at the gym. Serena Beuford, 27, was exercising for an Instagram video when she suddenly heard a loud popping noise, according to News 4 San Antonio. She then fell to the ground at...

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    Arizona Cops Nab Sicko Horse Lover In Sting Operation

    by  • 15 July, 2015 • Crime, WTF • 1 Comment

    Michael Crawford

    Ride ’em cowboy… Undercover sheriff’s deputies arrested a Pennsylvania man on Friday night on suspicion he travelled to Arizona to have sex with a horse. Michael Crawford, 68, landed in Phoenix believing he would meet with a horse owner he’d been corresponding with online, according to a statement released by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s...

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    Lesbian Fight Over Sex Toy Leads To Arrest

    by  • 14 July, 2015 • Crime, Culture, WTF • 1 Comment


    Love it or shove it… A Florida woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly using a dildo to batter her female domestic partner during a fight in the couple’s residence, police allege. The confrontation Saturday evening occurred while a St. Petersburg Police Department officer was inside the home of Annette Kielhurn, 57,...

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    Cops Find Naked Man In Barn Full Of Pigs

    by  • 10 July, 2015 • Crime, WTF • 0 Comments

    Larry Henry

    Makin’ bacon… A Millersville man is facing charges after he was found naked in a hog barn. Police were called to the 100 block of Coffee Street in Millersville at 10:18 p.m. on June 26 for a report of a man trespassing. Officers say they found the man, later identified as 54-year-old Larry Henry...

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