Schools Declare War On Easter

    by  • 1 April, 2015 • Culture, Food, WTF • 0 Comments

    psycho wabbit

    Spring spheres… SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. – The politically correct silliness being reported in public schools isn’t just reserved for Christmas. The other major Christian holiday isn’t spared either. More schools across America are holding “Spring” egg hunts and have dropped the word “Easter” from their festivities altogether. Schuylerville High School is playing host to the...

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    The Proper Way To Mount Toilet Paper Answered

    by  • 20 March, 2015 • Culture, Tech, WTF • 1 Comment

    Gomer Pyle

    For what seems like an eternity, one debate has plagued families, couples, friends and turned them into enemies. What some believe to be a matter of opinion and preference, others view as a sacred rule not to be broken. But with someone digging up a patent from 1891 and posting it on Consumerist website,...

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    Ohio Police Probing Pooping Perp

    by  • 12 March, 2015 • Crime, WTF • 2 Comments

    car pooper

    Police are seeking your help to identify this mystery pooper, click image to embiggen… In the picture, a man can be seen with his pants down, squatting over the hood of the car and looking directly at the camera. The man who filed the most recent police report claims he has found feces in...

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