Woman Lays Eggs Like A Chicken, Calls It Art

    by  • 23 April, 2014 • Art, WTF • 1 Comment


    Just a shameless attempt to monetize her naked ambition… Performance art is a joke. Taken terribly seriously by the art world, it is a litmus test of pretension and intellectual dishonesty. Today, most art that claims to part of this modern tradition of performance is an embarrassing revelation of the art world’s distance from...

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    Arrested Teen Had A Handgun In Her Hot Pocket

    by  • 22 April, 2014 • Crime, Guns, WTF • 0 Comments

    Dallas Archer

    Happiness is a warm gun, mama… APRIL 22–A 19-year-old Tennessee woman had a loaded handgun hidden in her vagina when she was brought into jail yesterday afternoon following a collar for driving with a suspended license, police report. As Dallas Archer was being booked into the Kingsport jail, a female corrections officer alerted to...

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    Burglar Sues Police For Shooting Him

    by  • 18 April, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 0 Comments

    James Rankin

    Cause that’s just how he rolls… A burglar filed a three-count federal lawsuit for being shot by police during a home invasion. James Rankin, 23, of Carnegie, Pa., is seeking $150,000 in damages for each of the three counts in the 2012 incident, according to The Dallas Post, which reported: Rankin is facing aggravated...

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    Notorious Paki Cannibal Arrested Again

    by  • 15 April, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 0 Comments

    cannibal thumb

    What, didn’t he learn his lesson the first time?… A known cannibal in Pakistan has been arrested for allegedly eating human flesh again after police found the head of a 3-year-old boy in the home he shares with his brother. Mohammad Arif Ali was arrested Monday after neighbors complained about a dead body stench...

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    Cops Say Antoine Petty Shouldn’t Be Hard To Find

    by  • 15 April, 2014 • Crime, Guns, WTF • 2 Comments

    Tat face

    Probably hiding at some circus freakshow… Cops in Maryland are hunting this gun crime suspect who has a face full of distinctive tattoos. Antoine Petty is accused of stealing a pistol from a pal in Largo last week. And detectives hope his “unique” appearance will ensure his quick detainment. Prince George’s County Police Department...

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