Lunatic Father Smashes Infant Onto Sidewalk

    by  • 21 November, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 1 Comment

    shocked old lady

    Like a savage beast… A Wisconsin man who was repeatedly described by police as a “monster” has been charged with first-degree murder in the ghastly killing of his 11-month-old daughter, authorities said. Russell Lamar Rose Jr. repeatedly slammed little Serenity into a Kenosha sidewalk, at times raising his hands over his head, according to...

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    Kansas: Woman Beaten, Raped And Set On Fire

    by  • 20 November, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 1 Comment


    The act of a subhuman fiend… WICHITA, Kan. (CBS St. Louis) – Wichita police say a woman was sexually assaulted, hit on the head, and set on fire Monday night in Fairmount Park. According to police, the woman was on the ground, almost in a crawl, barely moving, and naked. The woman was helped...

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    Mom Pleads Guilty To Horrific Murder Of 4 Yr. Old Son

    by  • 18 November, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 1 Comment

    Stephanie Sloop

    A Utah woman sobbed before a judge Monday while taking full responsibility for the beastly murder of her 4-year-old son. Stephanie Sloop, whose tiny son Ethan was repeatedly burned and beaten before his disfigured body was tossed into a shallow grave in 2010, pleaded guilty to his murder while telling a Farmington judge: “I...

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    Woman Kills Neighbor, Dismembers And Cooks Body

    by  • 18 November, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 0 Comments


    Little shop of horrors… Angela Stoldt told officials she took a hacksaw to her neighbor’s body last year and tried to cook away evidence of James Sheaffer. One leg went in the oven. Other parts went into pots. “Thursday is when I was cooking him,” Stoldt told investigators. “Friday is when I was dumping...

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    Fresno State Student Arrested For Sex With Sheep

    by  • 16 November, 2014 • Crime, WTF • 1 Comment


    Caught while ‘on the lamb’… It was his first time. With a sheep. That’s what a Fresno State University student told police early Tuesday after he was caught on top of an ewe with his pants down. “Am I going to be expelled for this,” the 23-year-old man, only described as a fifth-year computer...

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