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    Al Sharpton Bungles MSNBC Report On Ted Cruz

    by  • 24 March, 2015 • Celeb, Humor, Politics, Video • 0 Comments

    Al Sharpton annoyed

    MSNBC’s mumble mouthed moderator Al Sharpton made a mockery of the English language yet again in this short but amusing video. I’m not sure if all the hyperventilating speculation by the Left on Ted Cruz’s citizenship is just payback for questions raised about Obama’s birth certificate or if they’re honestly blind to their own...

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    Video Shows Venezuelan Dictator’s Son Being Showered With US Dollars

    by  • 20 March, 2015 • Communism, Crime, Politics, Video • 1 Comment

    Maduro headache

    People in Venezuela are running out of toilet paper, sugar, medicine and cash — unless, of course, you’re the son of Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro. A YouTube video showing Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra, named after his father, being showered in American cash during the wedding of an elite business owner has outraged a nation...

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