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    Cops: Parents Allowed Infant Daughter Play With Gun

    by  • 12 January, 2015 • Crime, Guns, Video • 0 Comments

    awestruck baby

    Indiana police were investigating the boyfriend of a mother to a 12-month-old for illegally selling a handgun to an undercover cop, when they discovered disturbing video of the girlfriend’s baby on the man’s cell phone. Michael Barnes, 19, has added charges of child neglect, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and allowing a child...

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    California Global Warming Tax Kicks In As Snow Blankets Ground

    by  • 2 January, 2015 • Economy, Politics, Video • 4 Comments


    California dreamin’… In 2006, after being bombarded with “man-made global warming” hysteria, state legislators approved the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (i.e., AB32) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all sources throughout the state and work via a “cap and trade” system. It was then signed into law by “conservative” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger...

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    Viral Video About Giving Homeless Guy $100 A Hoax

    by  • 2 January, 2015 • Crime, Video • 0 Comments


    If Al Gore Had known this is how the internet would be misused, he never would’ve invented it… A tug-at-your-heartstrings viral video of a California panhandler using a $100 handout to buy food for the less fortunate is being denounced as a hoax. Viewers moved by the video to donate more than $130,000 to...

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    The Clinton Echo Supercut Video

    by  • 1 January, 2015 • Politics, Video • 1 Comment

    Hillary bugeyed

    Those pitiful souls who pay attention to anything Hillary has to say may have noticed that her words have a familiar ring to them. As this short video demonstrates, all Hillary is doing is regurgitating talking points and slogans that her husband coined nearly 20 years ago.

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