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    Bill Whittle: Early Check Out

    by  • 29 August, 2014 • Politics, Video • 0 Comments

    Bill Whittle

    In this video episode of Afterburner, America’s virtual President Bill Whittle takes the “scared little man Obama” to task for his pathological need to run away from all the problems of his own making. The sad irony is that folks like us warned that this would be the result if Obama was elected. We...

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    The 80 MPH Challenge Or, How Obama Got Elected

    by  • 27 August, 2014 • Humor, Video • 5 Comments


    Ok, two videos (because I don’t want to be accused of racism) where people who seem too old to be victims of Common Core math are asked a simple math question. Watch them flounder while trying to over analyze the problem. Of course, whoever made the video shouldn’t feel smug since they haven’t yet...

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    Dead Palestinians Come To Life At Funeral

    by  • 23 August, 2014 • Military, Video • 2 Comments

    Chinese landlady

    Allah be praised, it’s a miracle! In this shabby attempt at Islamic propaganda we see the white shrouded bodies of innocent Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression all lined up awaiting burial. But wait, it doesn’t take long for some the “dead” to start fidgeting under their sheets. I bet if someone rang the dinner...

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    Hillary: Fat Is The Head That Wears The Crown

    by  • 19 August, 2014 • Celeb, Politics, Video • 0 Comments

    Hillary Clinton Queen

    Jon Ralston makes a well deserved mockery of Hillary Clinton and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for bowing to her ridiculous contractual demands as if the $225,000 they’re paying her in speaking fees isn’t enough already. A private jet to ferry her and her entourage, a Presidential Suite with adjoining rooms for her...

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    How Does Your Skin Look Under Ultraviolet?

    by  • 16 August, 2014 • Tech, Video • 0 Comments

    girl nerd

    Not sure exactly what they’re selling here, but interesting none the less. For my two cents I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that what you see under UV reflected light is actually skin damage. It may simply be accumulations of melanin related to a person’s genes. I notice they only used Caucasians to make...

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