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    I Really Need To Move To Japan

    by  • 16 May, 2015 • Humor, Video, WTF • 2 Comments

    wtf japan

    While our brains are beaten into an ignorant stupor with television shows like The Real Housewives Of Wherever & Dr. Phil (you know, the stuff Whoopie watches all day in his underwear), Japan is bringing it like only they can. I was aroused and sickened all at once.  Enjoy. via gfycat

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    Lingerie For Men Is Now A Thing

    by  • 12 May, 2015 • Culture, Humor, Video, WTF • 2 Comments


    Women aren’t the only ones obsessed with owning sexy underwear. Men can now get in on the act too thanks to a retailer who specifically creates underwear for the male body. Australian brand Homme Mystere launched in 2008, but only recently was available to buy online and has since attracted customers from across 30...

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    Nolwenn Leroy’s Music Video About A Foolish Horse

    by  • 10 May, 2015 • Music, Video • 0 Comments

    Nolwenn Leroy

    Nolwenn Leroy combines a traditional 15th century medieval song, this one from French Burgundy “The Wolf, the Fox and the Weasel” and one from Brittany “Michao’s Mare” (both an allegory for the judgement day). Just like the last of her music videos posted here “Tri Martolod” the translated lyrics might seem simplistic and even...

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    Bill Clinton Caught In Capital Gains Lie

    by  • 6 May, 2015 • Politics, Video • 0 Comments

    Hillary scream (2)

    In an interview by NBC Bill Clinton blurted out a financial detail that as it turns out was all too easy to fact check. Some theorized that Bill has lost his mojo (the old Bubba wouldn’t have made that mistake) or perhaps deep down Bill really doesn’t want Hillary to win. I don’t think...

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