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    Confirmed: Ashley Madison Was A Scam

    by  • 27 August, 2015 • Culture, Tech • 8 Comments

    Bettie Page

    I downloaded the data and analyzed it to find out how many actual women were using Ashley Madison, and who they were. What I discovered was that the world of Ashley Madison was a far more dystopian place than anyone had realized. This isn’t a debauched wonderland of men cheating on their wives. It...

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    Microsoft Spyware Disguised As Ordinary Updates

    by  • 25 August, 2015 • Tech • 5 Comments


    Readers may recall that Microsoft was caught trying to plant Windows 10 nagware on Windows 7 and 8 machines that was disguised as an important update. Well, they’re up to their old tricks again… The updates in question are KB3075249 and KB3080149. If installed, these updates are known to report your data back to...

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    FBI: Sci-Fi Writers Like Ray Bradbury Were Commie Dupes

    by  • 24 August, 2015 • Art, Celeb, Tech • 1 Comment

    ray bradbury

    Propagandists or opportunists?… Science fiction – a commie plot to undermine American values? It’s an idea that the FBI was strongly considering during the height of the Cold War, as their lengthy investigation into acclaimed author Ray Bradbury shows. The files released to former MuckRocker Inkoo Kang document the decade the Bureau spent trying...

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    Cops Raid Home Of Gene Simmons In Child Porn Investigation

    by  • 21 August, 2015 • Celeb, Crime, Music, Tech • 0 Comments


    Whodunnit… Gene Simmons’ home has been searched by police as part of an investigation into child porn. Detectives from a task force investigating internet crimes against children visited the KISS frontman’s Los Angeles mansion on Thursday and executed a search warrant – but neither the singer or his family are suspects. According to TMZ,...

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    FBI: Man Conspired To Build Muslim Killing Death Ray

    by  • 19 August, 2015 • Crime, Tech • 1 Comment

    farnsworth crazy

    Should’ve gotten military research grant… FBI agents acknowledged Tuesday they didn’t initially know if an upstate New York man was serious when he talked about assembling a mobile X-ray device to sicken or kill Muslims – or if he was even capable of it. Testifying in federal court, Special Agent Chris West and an...

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    Recipe: How To Make Your Own Powdered Alcohol

    by  • 15 August, 2015 • Food, Tech • 0 Comments

    babe and booze

    With the announcement of a new form of powdered booze called Palcohol many states (like Pennsylvania) quickly moved to outlaw it’s sale. Why? Because the children! I don’t know why any legislator would think that powdered alcohol would be any easier for a kid to get than the liquid variety but then again these...

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