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    Chrome Browser Bug Reduces Laptop Battery Life

    by  • 18 July, 2014 • Tech • 0 Comments


    Tick tock, tick tock… Computerworld – Google engineers earlier this week began working on a fix for a months-old Chrome bug that drains Windows’ laptop batteries, the move triggered by a story on Forbes’ website. The Forbes piece ran Monday, when contributor Ian Morris pointed out that Chrome on Windows sets the “system clock...

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    USMC Testing Scary Looking Prototype Landing Craft

    by  • 13 July, 2014 • Military, Tech • 0 Comments


    The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, in conjunction with the Office of Naval Research, is currently testing a beast of an amphibious lander. The Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC) has been developed as a replacement to the current Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC). The UHAC would be used to bring ashore troops, equipment, and vehicles....

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    Yahoo, Female Exec Sued For Sexual Harassment

    by  • 12 July, 2014 • Tech • 1 Comment

    Chinese landlady

    Me so horny… A high-level female Yahoo executive helping to lead the company’s mobile-content efforts was named Friday in a state lawsuit filed by a woman working under her who accused the supervisor of sexually harassing her. In her complaint, Nan Shi says she was working as a principal software engineer when the supervisor,...

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    Crap Study: Smelling Farts Good For Health

    by  • 12 July, 2014 • Tech, WTF • 0 Comments


    Junk science or junk journalism? The next time someone at your office lets out a “silent but deadly” emission, maybe you should thank them. A new study at the University of Exeter suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide — a.k.a. what your body produces as bacteria breaks down food, causing gas — could prevent...

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    Ventriloquist’s Dummy Finds Her Niche Online

    by  • 11 July, 2014 • Art, Culture, Tech, WTF • 0 Comments

    Veronica Chaos

    Veronica Chaos is definitely taking ventriloquism into new places — like the bedroom. For the past year, the 26-year-old former stripper has been doing online ventriloquism shows that climax with her having sex with a dummy, “Slappy.” Chaos, who only gives her address as somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, does her kinky ventriloquism shows...

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    Cops: High Priced Whore Murdered Google Executive

    by  • 9 July, 2014 • Crime, Tech • 0 Comments

    Alix Tichelman

    A web search for love in all the wrong places… SANTA CRUZ >> Police arrested a 26-year-old high-priced call girl from Georgia on Friday after she shot heroin into a Santa Cruz tech executive on his yacht and fled when he overdosed. Alix Catherine Tichelman and 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes found each other online...

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    Climate Change Could Make Gingers Extinct

    by  • 5 July, 2014 • Tech • 1 Comment

    ginger kid

    A world without gingers. Is that supposed to scare me? A DNA expert has has made the bold claim that ginger hair gene could die out if Scotland climate improves. REDHEADS could become extinct as Scotland gets sunnier, experts have claimed. The gene that causes red hair is thought to be an evolutionary response...

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