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    Gold Is Crashing, Elderly Suckers Hardest Hit

    by  • 21 July, 2015 • Economy • 4 Comments


    Glenn Beck unavailable for comment… Gold is down 40% from its financial-crisis peak in 2011. As Jeff Reeves notes in his column Monday: “The long-term trend remains decidedly against gold.” Gold has always been the favorite commodity of a fringe crowd that doesn’t trust governments, central banks, politicians and the financial system. This part...

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    SCOTUS Deals Blow To Obama And EPA’s War On Coal

    by  • 1 July, 2015 • Economy, Health, Politics • 2 Comments


    The Supreme Court on Monday blocked one of the Obama administration’s most ambitious environmental initiatives, an Environmental Protection Agency regulation meant to limit emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants. Industry groups and about 20 states had challenged the E.P.A.’s decision to regulate the emissions, saying the agency had failed...

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    Puerto Rico: America’s Greek Crisis

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Economy, Politics • 0 Comments

    uncle sam suicide

    Socialism’s chickens coming home… Normally a story such as this winds up being about Detroit or Chicago or some other major US city because we’re talking about an economy on the brink of collapse. But this time it’s Puerto Rico. The Washington Post is reporting that the commonwealth is sitting on more than $70B...

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    Exposing The Real Purpose Of The H-1B Visa Scam

    by  • 17 June, 2015 • Economy, Politics • 1 Comment


    Unsurprisingly… Corporate lobbyists have convinced legislators of both parties that America needs more guest workers in high-tech jobs. A program that brings skilled, smart people from abroad to work in the United States can be a very good thing — but only if it’s done fairly, and after giving U.S. workers a chance to...

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    House RINOs Stoop To Shenanigans To Pass ObamaTrade

    by  • 16 June, 2015 • Economy, Politics • 1 Comment

    John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy

    GOP, Good Ol’ boy Party… In an indication of just how desperate the Republican establishment and their Big Business paymasters are to revive the package of fast track Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) bills that went down last week, the House Rules Committee slipped the rule for reconsideration of the...

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    Zimbabwean Currency Collapses

    by  • 12 June, 2015 • Communism, Economy, Politics • 1 Comment


    The fruits of Marxism… HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabweans will start exchanging ‘quadrillions’ of local dollars for a few U.S. dollars next week, as President Robert Mugabe’s government discards its virtually worthless national currency, the central bank said on Thursday. The southern African country started using foreign currencies like the U.S. dollar and South African...

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