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    Karma: Liam Neeson’s Latest Movie Bombs At Box Office

    by  • 16 March, 2015 • Art, Guns • 3 Comments

    Liam Neeson head shot

    Self inflicted wound… Liam Neeson’s new flick, Run All Night, just posted the worst opening of any of the Irish actor’s action movies. And it’s the first Neeson movie to premier after his January public assertion that “There’s too many guns out there, especially in America.” Now, it could be that audiences are...

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    Univision Fires Host For Racist Michelle Obama Comment

    by  • 12 March, 2015 • Celeb, Humor, Photoshop, Politics, Racism • 1 Comment

    Rodner Figueroa

    Light skinned Hispanic… Univision has fired one of its most popular talk show hosts after he said on air that Michelle Obama looked like she was part of “the cast of ‘Planet of the Apes.'” The growing American Spanish-language network terminated the employment of Rodner Figueroa on Thursday afternoon, less than one day after...

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    Johnny Depp Injured Making Fifth Pirates Sequel

    by  • 11 March, 2015 • Art, Celeb • 2 Comments

    Depp hand

    Hand job… Injured Johnny Depp appeared in high spirits on Wednesday as he boarded a private jet in Brisbane, bound for Los Angeles. The 51-year-old actor will require surgery after injuring his right hand on Australia’s Gold Coast while filming the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Johnny, who was...

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    One Of The Biggest Girandolas Ever Launched

    by  • 14 February, 2015 • Art, Tech, Video • 0 Comments


    A Girandola is a fireworks display, a spinning disk that, if properly executed, flies straight up into the sky. Needless to say any imbalance in the frame or rocket thrusters will result in the device veering wildly off course, which in the case of something as big as this, could have disastrous consequences for...

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