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    Texas Students: Tear Down Statue Of George Washington

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Art, Patriotism, Politics, Racism • 3 Comments

    facepalm statue

    Statue worse than Hitler… Given the fact that America’s Commander-in-Chief during the revolutionary war against the British and first President George Washington owned slaves his entire life and only emancipated them after his death, would UT students also support a move to wipe Washington from the pages of history? The answer is yes, many...

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    WaPo: ‘This was the best week of Obama’s presidency’

    by  • 27 June, 2015 • Culture, Photoshop, Politics • 2 Comments

    WASHINGTON, DC- JUNE 26: With at colorful White House backdrop, (L) Kevin Barragan and his partner Adam Smith celebrate the decision today as do Kelly Miller (with glasses) and her wife Lindsey Miller. The Miller's were married 2 years ago in Washington State where gay marriage was legal.The White House was lit in multi-colored lights tonight to honor the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage. Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

    And the most destructive to the republic: Trade. Obamacare. Same-sex marriage. Citizens negotiating ransoms with muslim terrorist. And then that speech. Read all about it The ‘president’ even lit our nations capital with rainbow lights making it some sort of mortifying shrine to buttsex and chicks with chain wallets. This was a week that will define not...

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    Graffiti Vandals Sue Property Owner For Painting Over Their “Art”

    by  • 14 June, 2015 • Art, Crime, Culture • 12 Comments


    Nine graffiti artists who spray painted creations across the world-renowned 5Pointz building filed a lawsuit Friday in Brooklyn federal court, seeking unspecified damages from the owner who whitewashed away their artwork. The plaintiffs — well-known taggers from New York, London and elsewhere — said developer Jerry Wolkoff broke the law by covering up the...

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    Obama Ignores Known ISIS Targets To Save Civilian Lives

    by  • 27 May, 2015 • Military, Photoshop, Politics • 0 Comments

    Barack Obama

    Because the left hates a fight… unless it’s with fellow Americans. (NDTV) – U.S. and allied warplanes are equipped with the most precise aerial arsenal ever fielded. But U.S. officials say they are not striking significant – and obvious – Islamic State targets out of fear that the attacks will accidentally kill civilians. Killing...

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    And Now You Too Can Develop Coulrophobia

    by  • 5 May, 2015 • Art, WTF • 4 Comments


    I suppose it’s better than a case of whatever that waitress at the local bowling alley is trying to give ya… (wiki) – The term coulrophobia has been proposed to denote an abnormal, exaggerated, or irrational fear of clowns. The term is of recent use and is not commonly used in psychology. We have Rome based photographer Eolo Perfido...

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    Star Trek Actress Grace Lee Whitney Dead At 85

    by  • 4 May, 2015 • Art, Celeb • 1 Comment

    Grace Lee Whitney

    Actress Grace Lee Whitney, best known for her role as Yeoman Janice Rand on “Star Trek,” has reportedly died at age 85. The TV star’s family told local news station KSEE that she passed away in her home in Coarsegold, Calif., on May 1. The Michigan-born entertainer started her career as a singer, eventually...

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