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    Texas Students: Tear Down Statue Of George Washington

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Art, Patriotism, Politics, Racism • 2 Comments

    facepalm statue

    Statue worse than Hitler… Given the fact that America’s Commander-in-Chief during the revolutionary war against the British and first President George Washington owned slaves his entire life and only emancipated them after his death, would UT students also support a move to wipe Washington from the pages of history? The answer is yes, many...

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    Stats Show Widespread Non-Compliance With NY Gun Laws

    by  • 23 June, 2015 • Guns, Patriotism • 2 Comments


    Less than 45,000 assault-style weapons have been registered in New York state since a landmark gun control act went into in effect in 2013, state records released Tuesday show, suggesting that Empire State gun-owners are largely ignoring one of the signature elements of the watershed legislation. Law enforcement experts have estimated that there could...

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    Right Wing Links 24 May 2015 Via The Lovely Ladies Of Our Military

    by  • 24 May, 2015 • Military, Patriotism, Politics • 3 Comments

    lovely us military ladies (1)

    You brighten our day! Mental Floss:  10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day American Thinker:  Josh Duggar and the left’s schadenfreude Bad Blue:  #CutTheCheck: Hired #BlackLivesMatter Protestors Now Protestors Not Getting Paid by ACORN Successor Group The Lid:  At DC Synagogue President Obama Delivered Nothing But Empty Words Twitchy: Cleveland protests ‘getting rowdier,’ ‘very dicey';...

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