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    How Would Elvis Presley Look At Age 80?

    by  • 11 January, 2015 • Celeb, Humor • 0 Comments


    This week, Elvis Presley fans celebrated what would have been the superstar’s 80th birthday. In honor of the singer’s big day, photo experts decided to see what he’d look like if he were still alive today. Using complicated technology, experts at Phojoe.com were employed by Sachs Media to help treat Elvis Presley fans to...

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    Teen Suffers Bad Tattoo Regrets, Warns Others

    by  • 11 January, 2015 • Health, Humor • 2 Comments


    Holly Aston has a simple message for teenagers who are thinking about experimenting with tattoos: Think about the consequences. According to The Mirror, when Aston was 17 years old, she and her friends drunkenly decided to give each other DIY tattoos with a tattoo gun they bought on the internet for $75. Aston spent...

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    Cops To Al Sharpton: We Found Your Viagra

    by  • 6 January, 2015 • Celeb, Crime, Health, Humor • 0 Comments

    sharpton glance

    Firmative action… Sandy Rubenstein was cleared of a rape accusation Monday, but not before one final, potentially humiliating revelation emerged about his ex-pal Al Sharpton. A prescription for the sex pill Viagra was found in Rubenstein’s apartment — but it was issued in Sharpton’s name, a police source told the Daily News. A shocked...

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    Russian Red Army Covers Pharrell Williams Hit “Happy”

    by  • 2 January, 2015 • Communism, Humor, Military, Politics • 1 Comment

    cat shades

    From RT: By now everyone has heard Pharrell Williams’ insanely viral hit Happy, though they’ve never heard it like this! After nearly 2,000 covers from across the globe, Russia’s Red Army Choir has released their own cover of the best-selling song of 2014. From traffic cops in reflective vests to the full ensemble decked...

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