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    Creepy, Sinister Looking Nazi Built Defensive Structures Sit in Silence Along Atlantic Coast

    by  • 23 August, 2014 • Culture, Military • 1 Comment


    These sinister looking concrete defensive structures speak of egotistical Bismarckian, Hitlerian hubris, of death, sorrow, and monumental failure on the part of the Nazis. From Time Magazine: Aug. 15, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Dragoon, an Allied invasion of Southern France initially intended to launch in tandem with the invasion of Normandy...

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    Dead Palestinians Come To Life At Funeral

    by  • 23 August, 2014 • Military, Video • 2 Comments

    Chinese landlady

    Allah be praised, it’s a miracle! In this shabby attempt at Islamic propaganda we see the white shrouded bodies of innocent Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression all lined up awaiting burial. But wait, it doesn’t take long for some the “dead” to start fidgeting under their sheets. I bet if someone rang the dinner...

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    Venezuelans Sneaking Government Subsidized Goods Into Colombia for Profit

    by  • 18 August, 2014 • Military, Politics • 0 Comments


    The Venezuelan government has sent troops to the Venezuelan Colombian border to keep its most enterprising citizens in, smugglers who take government subsidized goods over to Colombia and sell them at higher prices.  It’s hard to tamp down capitalism.  If you are a communist leader, you inevitably end up having to keep your people...

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    US Navy Returns Bibles To Guest Quarters

    by  • 15 August, 2014 • Military • 1 Comment

    repel boarders

    The policy served no porpoise… WASHINGTON — Gideons Bibles are going back into Navy lodges. The Navy on Thursday ordered the Bibles returned to rooms and said it is reviewing a decision by the Navy Exchange to remove them from its worldwide network of military hotels. Atheists had cheered a victory after a complaint...

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    The Biggest POW Escape Of WWII You Never Heard Of

    by  • 13 August, 2014 • Military • 2 Comments

    smiling japanese girl

    Freedom’s just another word for, nothing left to lose… In the dead of night on Aug. 5, 1944, a mob of screaming prisoners stormed the barbed-wire perimeter of the Cowra prisoner-of-war camp. For 10 days, soldiers and police hunted hundreds of armed escapees wandering the countryside. This was the biggest POW escape of World...

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