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    Afghan Cops Visiting US Mysteriously Disappear

    by  • 20 September, 2014 • Crime, Military • 0 Comments

    afghan cops

    Nothing to see here, move along… Two Afghan nationals training with the Drug Enforcement Agency disappeared while visiting Georgetown over the weekend, and authorities still do not know their whereabouts. DEA spokesman Rusty Payne did not return repeated calls this week for comment, but on Thursday told CBS News that the men may be...

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    Obama To Send Military To Africa To Fight Ebola

    by  • 15 September, 2014 • Military, Politics • 0 Comments


    Ebola isn’t Africa’s problem, it’s the cure… The US military is set to join the battle against an enemy other than ISIS: the Ebola outbreak that has killed thousands in West Africa. President Obama is expected to outline what officials describe as a “scaled-up” response to the outbreak this week, reports the Wall Street...

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    Obama On ISIS: And None Dared Call It War

    by  • 12 September, 2014 • Military, Politics • 2 Comments

    Obama Noooo

    Oh, and “Islamic State” terrorism isn’t “Islamic” either… Rice said, “I don’t know whether you want to call it a war or sustained counterterrorism campaign. I think, frankly, this is a counterterrorism operation that will take time. It will be sustained. We will not have American combat forces on the ground fighting as...

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    President Pee Wee Talks Tough, ISIS laughs

    by  • 11 September, 2014 • Military, Politics • 0 Comments


    Says “I meant to do that”  when asked why he let ISIS become a threat… In a speech to the nation from the State Floor of the White House, Mr. Obama said the United States was recruiting a global coalition to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the militants, known as the Islamic State in Iraq...

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    Disillusioned ISIS Volunteers Become Hostages

    by  • 9 September, 2014 • Culture, Military • 0 Comments


    FIVE Britons are among a gang of Islamic State fighters dubbed the “Cream Puff Brigade” locked up in a torture camp after they pleaded to go home because they were disillusioned with jihadi war. They were stripped of their weapons and marched as “traitors” to a punishment centre in the Syrian city of Raqqah,...

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    ISIS Fighters Cry Like Babies When Captured

    by  • 5 September, 2014 • Crime, Culture, Military • 3 Comments


    Have you ever witnessed a more cowardly and pathetic sight? Here are the big brave warriors of Allah who delight in shooting bound prisoners, crucifying men, women and children and cutting the throats of helpless captives, weeping and wailing when they find themselves in the same boat. It’s a shame they won’t suffer the...

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