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    Jose Canseco Accidentally Shoots Off His Middle Finger

    by  • 29 October, 2014 • Celeb, Guns, Sports • 1 Comment

    Canseco finger

    Yes, that’s exactly the finger… Twenty-five years after making World Series headlines by helping the A’s win a title, former Bash Brother Jose Canseco made news of a decidedly different kind Tuesday, accidentally shooting himself at his Las Vegas home, according to his fiancée. Actress and model Leila Knight told the Daily News that...

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    The Brad Pitt Scene in ‘ Fury ‘ That Will Make Pansy Progs Pee Their Pants

    by  • 28 October, 2014 • Culture, Guns, Military • 1 Comment


    This is one of those memorable scenes that will soon become iconic, viewed over and over again, as uncomfortable as it may make reviewers like David Edelstein. From American Power: Saturday, October 25, 2014 The Scene from ‘Fury’ That Drives Pansy-Assed Progs Into the Arms of Their Metrosexual Mommies If you think “Fury” represents...

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    Town Sends SWAT Team To Collect Fine From Elderly Man

    by  • 27 October, 2014 • Crime, Military, Politics • 0 Comments


    When officials in the tiny Town of Stettin in Marathon County went to collect a civil judgment from 75-year-old Roger Hoeppner this month, they sent 24 armed officers. And an armored military vehicle. Among other issues, the recent unrest in Ferguson, Mo., focused attention on the growing militarization of local law enforcement, particularly the...

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    Obama Finally Agrees to Quarantine People Leaving Liberia

    by  • 27 October, 2014 • Health, Military, Politics • 2 Comments

    Obama can't hear you

    Well, US Troops at any rate… The U.S. general appointed to oversee America’s fight against Ebola in West Africa has been quarantined in Italy with at least 10 other Americans upon returning from the disease-stricken continent. Major General Darryl A. Williams, who was appointed head of the U.S. command center in Liberia that coordinates...

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    More ‘Sons Of Guns’ Stars Arrested For Child Abuse

    by  • 26 October, 2014 • Celeb, Guns • 0 Comments

    Kris and Steph

    Corporal punishment… LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) – Two stars of the now canceled reality show “Sons of Guns” have been arrested on child abuse charges. Warrants were issued Thursday by the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for the arrest of Kristafor Ford and his wife Stephanie Hayden. According to the arrest warrant from Livingston Parish,...

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    VA Doctor Accused Of Homosexual Child Rape

    by  • 23 October, 2014 • Crime, Health, Military • 1 Comment

    Craig Morgenstern

    Just checking for hernias, yeah, that’s the ticket… SPOKANE, WASH. — Stevens County authorities say a Spokane Veterans Affairs Medical Center emergency room doctor accused of assaulting a child at the doctor’s home has been charged with child rape. The Spokesman-Review reports that according to court documents, a 13-year-old boy says he was watching...

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    Canadian Soldier Shot In Attack On Parliament

    by  • 22 October, 2014 • Crime, Guns, Military • 0 Comments

    breaking news

    Oh Canada… OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — A gunman shot a Canadian soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday, then entered Parliament and shots rang out, police and witnesses said. Cabinet minister Tony Clement tweeted that at least 30 shots were heard inside the building, where Conservative and Liberal MPs...

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    Anti-Gun State Senator Caught Carrying Gun

    by  • 22 October, 2014 • Crime, Guns, Politics • 1 Comment


    Had a concealed 9mm pistol, spare magazine and reeked of booze but refused to take breathalyzer. I don’t know the law in Missouri, but in most States, if you’re suspected of being intoxicated and refuse a breath test, then that’s as good as a guilty plea. Earlier this week, Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed,...

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    Voter ID And Gun Laws

    by  • 20 October, 2014 • Guns, Patriotism, Politics • 1 Comment

    I voted

    Folks on the commonsense side of the issue often remark that you need an ID to buy a car, a cell phone, a house, an alcoholic beverage, a gun or for that matter apply for a host of social services like foodstamps and welfare. But the one item on the list that’s actually a...

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