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    Gun Control Push Suddenly In The News, Again

    by  • 16 December, 2014 • Guns, Politics • 1 Comment

    we the people pistol

    Right on cue… As if some Leftwing puppet master pulled the gun control string suddenly and all the usual media suspects are now dancing and jiggling in unison. I should’ve seen it coming, there’s been a push on to get Obama’s Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy confirmed by the lame duck Senate before...

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    Armed Couple Spots Then Captures Burglary Gang

    by  • 15 December, 2014 • Crime, Guns • 0 Comments


    A return to the scene of the crime ended with a much different result for a group of Alabama thieves who were held at gunpoint by their victims until police arrived. An Alabama family, whose home was robbed of their Christmas presents and two televisions believe they caught the crooks Sunday when they were...

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    Armed Customer Foils Robbery At Red Lobster

    by  • 10 December, 2014 • Crime, Guns • 0 Comments

    Dillon Webb

    Should have opted for the seafood buffet… Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Las Vegas police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to a rob a Red Lobster restaurant on Thursday night. A call was made to police around 9:45 p.m., reporting a man had entered the Red Lobster at 200 South Decatur Boulevard,...

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    Armed Disabled Vet Scares Off Would Be Burglars

    by  • 9 December, 2014 • Crime, Guns • 0 Comments

    Colt 1911

    Equalizer… A disabled Vietnam veteran scared off thieves trying to break into his North Carolina house by whipping a gun out of the holster of his walker. Joseph Sapienza was watching TV at his Gastonia home at 7:42 p.m. Thursday night when he heard someone prying off the front door lock, reports the Gaston...

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    Wisconsin Cops Want To Search Your Home For Guns

    by  • 9 December, 2014 • Crime, Guns • 0 Comments

    Barney Fife

    No means no… In a highly-controversial move, residents of Beloit, Wisc., are being asked to open their doors to local police to allow them to search the homes for weapons in an effort the police chief hopes will make people think differently about guns. “Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is...

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