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    Muslim Attempts To Shakedown Costco

    by  • 2 March, 2015 • Culture, Food • 2 Comments

    Jean Camara

    Devout conman playing the religious entitlement scam… NEW YORK (WABC) — A man is suing Costco for religious discrimination. He tells Eyewitness News exclusively that when he refused to work with pork, the major retailer sent him outside to gather carts. “Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right...

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    The Ambiguous Value Of Calorie Labeling

    by  • 1 March, 2015 • Food, Health • 4 Comments


    Thought experiment: You eat a gram of sugar (4 calories), a gram of protein (4 calories), a gram of fat (9 calories) and wash it down with a gram of alcohol (7 calories). How many calories did you just consume? If you simply added up those numbers and said 24 calories you were both...

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    Democrat Declares That Black Folks Don’t Eat Like White Folks

    by  • 25 February, 2015 • Food, Politics, Racism • 4 Comments


    Hard to swallow… A Black lawmaker in New York City said the closing of a Brooklyn grocery store was “unfair” because “white people don’t eat the way we do.” She was lamenting the results of gentrification in Brooklyn, where white people are slowly moving into traditionally African-American parts of the community. The New York...

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    10 Negative Calorie Foods And A Recipe

    by  • 21 February, 2015 • Food, Health • 0 Comments

    cooking girl

    Negative calorie foods are foods that either require more calories to digest than they contain or boost your metabolic rate because they are high in protein or contain substances that are stimulants. In the first case veggies like Cucumbers, Asperagus, Cauliflower, Celery, Tomato, Papaya and Green apples are mostly water which is zero calorie...

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    Eating ‘Gluten-Free’ Foods Can Make You Fat

    by  • 13 February, 2015 • Culture, Food, Health • 1 Comment

    cooking girl

    Food fads… More people than ever are buying into the gluten-free trend. Not necessarily because they are suffering from coeliac disease, but because it is has achieved a bit of a ‘health halo’ status. Just the mention of ‘gluten-free’ on a packet seems to endow some mystical health benefit to it. There has been...

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