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    Clever Trick To Reseal Snack Bags

    by  • 2 September, 2014 • Food, Video • 1 Comment


    If you’re like me you keep a dozen spring type wooden close pins in your kitchen drawer to seal half eaten bags of potato chips, pretzels and frozen veggies. Some people even go out and buy those extra wide plastic clips designed for that purpose (although I’ve found that plastic clips often break if...

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    Bravo TV’s Padma Lakshmi Afraid for Her Life After Death Threats From Union Thugs

    by  • 28 August, 2014 • Celeb, Food • 0 Comments


    From Washington Free Beacon BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff August 25, 2014 5:06 pm Vicious Teamsters in Massachusetts allegedly went on a rampage on the set of Top Chef, rattling beautiful host Padma Lakshmi who is now “scared for her life” and “too intimidated to speak.” Union protesters vandalized the set, slashing tires on...

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    Slaughterhouse Caught Killing Cancerous Cows

    by  • 23 August, 2014 • Food • 0 Comments


    Some folks have a beef with that… A Northern California slaughterhouse involved in a massive beef recall processed cows with cancer while U.S. livestock inspectors took lunch breaks and later distributed the diseased cattle, according to federal charges announced Monday. Prosecutors alleged that the owners of Petaluma-based Rancho Feeding Corp. schemed with employees to...

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    A Tex-Mex Restaurant in Estonia

    by  • 20 August, 2014 • Food • 4 Comments


    From My San Antonio: SAN ANTONIO – More than 5,000 miles away from the Lone Star State, the Texas Honky-Tonk and Cantina in Northern Europe provides food, drinks and culture inspired by Texas. The restaurant, located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, offers Tex-Mex favorites like enchiladas, queso and nachos, as well as chicken-fried...

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    Hippy Grocer “Whole Foods” To Sell Rabbit Meat

    by  • 16 August, 2014 • Food, Humor • 1 Comment

    psycho wabbit

    Bunny huggers not amused… Whole Foods Market has begun selling rabbit meat in select stores nationwide, and the move has rabbit advocates hopping mad. Mad enough, they say, that they’ll be protesting at Whole Foods stores this weekend, handing out leaflets reminding consumers that rabbits are “popular furry companion” often kept as pets. On...

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    Burger King Wises Up, Dumps “Satisfries”

    by  • 14 August, 2014 • Food • 0 Comments

    BK Satisfries

    In the Kingdom, taste rules, again… At many Burger Kings, a healthier fry choice did not reign supreme. The fast food chain has decided to discontinue Satisfries, a lower-fat and -calorie French fry, at two-thirds of its stores. The fries, which were introduced a year ago, have 20% fewer calories and 25% less fat...

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    Study: Salt Is More Or Less Good Or Bad

    by  • 14 August, 2014 • Food • 0 Comments

    salt shaker

    Taken with a grain of salt… Headline: Too Much Salt Linked To 1.65 Million Deaths Per Year. Headline: Study Questions Need For Most People To Cut Salt. Feeling a bit confused? Both headlines appeared in the news on the same day. Let’s start with the second headline first: People whose diets contain moderate levels...

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