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    White Castle Rolls Out Veggie Sliders

    by  • 11 January, 2015 • Food • 2 Comments


    From New Jersey.com: So many things seem wrong with the idea of White Castle veggie sliders, it’s hard to know where to start. With the unlikelihood of vegetarians swarming the famous burger joint? Or the ridiculous notion of a slider made with string beans and broccoli awaiting the stoner heroes of the 2004 movie...

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    USDA Food Guidelines More About Climate Change Than Nutrition

    by  • 6 January, 2015 • Food, Health, Politics • 0 Comments


    Fruits and nuts dictating policy… WASHINGTON, D.C. – An ongoing revision of the government’s dietary guidelines, which also impacts school lunch and other federal food programs, is expected to call for less meat and more fruits and vegetables as part of an environmentally friendly diet. A Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is...

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    Does This 3 Step Weight Loss Program Work? Who knows?

    by  • 6 January, 2015 • Food • 3 Comments


    Thinking about weight loss? Not me. I like being plump. But I came across this at the Washington Post. Now that we’ve all stuffed ourselves with buttery, sugary, Christmas candy, calorie filled stuffing, pies, cakes and the like, and we’re feeling like fat frankfurters, it’s time to at least get curious about losing those...

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    UK Farmer Struggles With Nazi Super Cows

    by  • 5 January, 2015 • Food, Tech • 1 Comment


    Die uber rinder… A farmer who owns Britain’s only Nazi cows has been forced to cut the size of his herd – because they are too aggressive. The once-extinct aurochs were brought back to life by Adolf Hitler’s scientists in the 1930s after officially dying out 4,000 years ago. They arrived in Britain for...

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    Black Thug Stabs Five At DC Restaurant

    by  • 1 January, 2015 • Crime, Food, Racism • 2 Comments

    grinning holder

    Unprovoked hate crime… Five people were stabbed early Saturday inside a popular Northwest Washington restaurant and bar near George Washington University, and a man wearing a tan trench coat was being sought, police said. At least two of the victims were seriously injured, but all are expected to survive the attack, which took place...

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    New Veggies To Grace Your Plate In 2015

    by  • 30 December, 2014 • Food • 0 Comments

    cooking girl

    Who hasn’t gone into the vegetable aisle at their grocery store and sighed? The same old, lame old veggies. Truth is, there are many edible vegetables that we never find in our stores and there’s a reason, they may not be poisonous but they still taste like crap. If you only take the stuff...

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    Red Meat And Cancer, Blame The Sugar Not The Fat

    by  • 29 December, 2014 • Food, Health, Tech • 1 Comment


    Allergy… Red meat has been known to increase the risk of heart disease with its high saturated fats, but it’s also linked to higher cancer rates, and scientists didn’t know why until now. Researches from the University of California School of Medicine discovered what’s turning red meat into a cancer-causing food source, and published...

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    FDA: Kiss Your Sprinkles Goodbye America

    by  • 28 December, 2014 • Food, Health • 0 Comments


    Deadly cake decorations… Early next year, the FDA is expected to finalize a new regulation intended to eradicate even trace amounts of partially hydrogenated oils, known as trans fats, from our diets. Although the amount of trans fats Americans consume has declined significantly in recent years, the FDA’s quest to completely eliminate a particular...

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    This Week’s Serving Of Food Related Mayhem

    by  • 23 December, 2014 • Crime, Culture, Food, Racism • 2 Comments

    demetri johnson

    Entitlement a’ la carte… Tennessee cops are hunting for a McDonald’s patron who pulled a gun on restaurant workers after complaining that his drive-thru order was short a McDouble cheeseburger. According to police, Demetri Johnson, 21, placed an order early last Thursday at a McDonald’s in Nashville. After receiving his food, he pulled away...

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