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    PC School Rules Ban Wonder Woman Lunchbox

    by  • 28 August, 2015 • Culture, Food, WTF • 8 Comments

    WW lunchbox

    A little girl’s Wonder Woman lunch box was banned from school for allegedly being too “violent.” A letter sent by the school that the girl, named Laura, attends was posted online and quickly went viral, prompting many to weigh in on whether or not the school took things too far, People reported. “The dress...

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    Florida: Skim Milk Without Additives Must Be Labeled ‘Imitation Milk’

    by  • 21 August, 2015 • Food, Health, Politics • 1 Comment


    Too good to be true… Sometimes government’s dishonesty, incompetence, wastefulness, and misguided nannyism combine to make a perfectly ridiculous story. Today’s comes to us from Florida, where the Ocheesee Creamery is being forced to dump gallons upon gallons of good, natural skim milk because the state is requiring the business to label its good,...

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    KFC Hires A New Colonel Sanders Stand-In

    by  • 18 August, 2015 • Food, Video • 2 Comments


    KFC has a new Colonel Sanders: Just a few months after the chain announced Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond would revive the chain’s iconic character, KFC has hired another Saturday Night Live veteran to play the Colonel. According to a press release, Norm Macdonald will now be the one to don the famed...

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    Recipe: How To Make Your Own Powdered Alcohol

    by  • 15 August, 2015 • Food, Tech • 0 Comments

    babe and booze

    With the announcement of a new form of powdered booze called Palcohol many states (like Pennsylvania) quickly moved to outlaw it’s sale. Why? Because the children! I don’t know why any legislator would think that powdered alcohol would be any easier for a kid to get than the liquid variety but then again these...

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    Whole Foods Tests The Gullibility Of It’s Customers

    by  • 5 August, 2015 • Food • 3 Comments


    Yeah but it’s organic asparagus in spring water blessed by Al Gore… If you’re wondering whether a $5.99 bottle of asparagus water has actually become a thing, it has—but neither Whole Foods nor consumers are letting it be more than a fleeting fad, reports Consumerist. It started Monday when a Los Angeles magazine editor...

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    Study: A Heavy Fork Makes Food Taste Better

    by  • 5 August, 2015 • Food, Health • 1 Comment

    glum eater

    The illusion of satisfaction… A new study shows that heavier cutlery increases diners’ enjoyment of food, and makes them rate their meal as more valuable, better plated and even tastier. Researchers from Oxford University gave 130 diners at a hotel restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, identical meals, however, half of those experimented on were given...

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