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    Nurse Found Guilty Of Attempted Cannibalism

    by  • 21 July, 2014 • Crime, Food, WTF • 0 Comments

    Dale Bolinger

    Guilty of prepping a 16 year old girl for the stew pot… Dale Bolinger, 58, bought an axe the day before he planned to meet the girl, whom he groomed online. Jurors heard he chatted with someone on an online fetish network who said they were a Mexican girl called “Eva”. Bolinger was found...

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    USDA Food Nazis Coming To A Grocery Near You

    by  • 18 July, 2014 • Economy, Food, Politics • 1 Comment

    michelle food thumb

    First Nag Michelle wants to wean adults off food like school kids… The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is suggesting major changes to grocery stores to “nudge” Americans to purchase healthier foods when they shop. The agency commissioned an “expert panel” to make recommendations on how to guide the more than 47 million Americans...

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    The Air Force One Menu: Do As I Say, Not As I Eat

    by  • 28 June, 2014 • Food, Politics • 0 Comments


    First Nag Michelle’s dietary advice doesn’t apply to the high and mighty… WASHINGTON — A blue-cheese burger with lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli, accompanied by Parmesan-sprinkled fries. Chocolate fudge cake. Pasta shells stuffed with four cheeses, topped with meat sauce and shredded mozzarella, and served with a garlic breadstick. Cake infused with limoncello. Buffalo...

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    Study: Eating Veggies Doesn’t Promote Weight Loss

    by  • 26 June, 2014 • Food • 1 Comment

    michelle-obama-sour pus

    Someone clue in the First Nag Michelle so school kids can eat decent food again… Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have found that increasing fruit and vegetable intake does not lead to weight loss, despite decades-old popular belief. A team of investigators performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of data of...

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