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    Spicy Foods Linked To High Testosterone Levels

    by  • 15 December, 2014 • Food, Health • 2 Comments


    Great balls of fire… Scientists at the highly-respected University of Grenoble have published a report suggesting that regular consumption of chili peppers may raise levels of the hormone, which is believed to make men more adventurous, enterprising and sexually active. Laurent Begue, one of the authors of the study, said: “These results are in...

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    Jethro Bodine (Max Baer Jr.) Suing CBS

    by  • 11 December, 2014 • Celeb, Food • 0 Comments


    Sour grapes make the best whine… Actor and restaurateur Max Baer Jr. is accusing television network CBS of engaging in a shady deal. According to TMZ, Baer — who played a character named Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies — claims that he cut a deal with CBS giving him the “exclusive rights” to use...

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    Study: 84% Of Vegans Go Back To Eating Meat

    by  • 5 December, 2014 • Culture, Food, Health • 0 Comments


    A new study by the animal-friendly Humane Research Council reveals that 84% of vegetarians and vegans return to consuming our farm friends — and the animal rights world is terrified. “It’s obviously a negative for animals,” Che Green, executive director of the Humane Research Council, tells the Daily News. The meaty stats come from...

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    Museum Displays A Roman Era Swiss Army Knife

    by  • 29 November, 2014 • Food, Tech • 1 Comment

    Roman soldier

    With a spoon, knife, fork and toothpick, a spike used for deducing meat from the shells of seafood or removing stones from horses’ hooves and a spatula which could have worked as a toothbrush or for scooping paste from bottles, it’s little wonder a highly versatile Roman version of a Swiss army knife has...

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