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    Teen Arrested For Adding Nuts To Pizza Topping

    by  • 16 September, 2014 • Crime, Food • 0 Comments


    Anyone who’d ruin a bacon pizza with pineapple deserves the pubes… SEPTEMBER 16—Angered that a customer called in a pizza order right before closing time, a Texas teenager allegedly rubbed his genitals on the patron’s pie as he prepared the takeout order, police allege. Brent Bradley told cops that when he arrived at Papa...

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    Cannibal Ex-Con Kills And Eats Ex-Girlfriend

    by  • 16 September, 2014 • Crime, Food • 0 Comments

    Joseph Oberhansley

    Braaaains… A convicted Indiana killer out on bail allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and stabbed her to death — before eating her heart, lungs and brain. Joseph Oberhansley, 33, is accused of trying to force his way into 46-year-old Tammy Jo Blanton’s Jeffersonville home at 3 a.m. Thursday. Cops were called and he...

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    Panera Bread Having Second Thoughts On Gun Ban?

    by  • 11 September, 2014 • Crime, Food, Guns • 3 Comments


    Americans are fairly consistent in their displeasure with Panera Bread for Monday’s announcement telling gun owners to leave their guns at home before visiting Panera. Nevermind that the St. Louis-based company (Also known as the Atlanta Bread Company near that city and as the St. Louis Bread Company near St. Louis) has a long...

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    Panera Bread: Law Abiding Gun Owners Not Welcome

    by  • 9 September, 2014 • Food, Guns • 2 Comments


    Criminals however still welcome… WASHINGTON — Panera Bread on Monday asked customers not to bring firearms into its restaurants, joining a growing list of retail and fast-food chains that have declared their establishments gun-free zones. The company said it wants to ensure that “customers and associates feel comfortable and welcome” in its restaurants. “We...

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    Forget ISIS: The Cows In Austria Are Revolting

    by  • 3 September, 2014 • Food • 6 Comments

    news cat

    What’s their beef?… VIENNA (AP) — A farmer who was attacked by a nearly grown calf has died, making him the third person killed in Austria by cattle in a little more than a month. The man sustained serious head injuries in late August after the 650-kilogram (1,430-pound) animal pushed him against a steel...

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