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    Girl Scout Cookie Caper Couple Collared

    by  • 10 November, 2014 • Crime, Food • 0 Comments

    Taylor Smith

    Snackrilege… In a brazen daylight cookiejacking attempt, a Maryland man and his underage accomplice tried to steal a “wagon full of Girl Scout Cookies” from two little girls, cops allege. According to Anne Arundel police, the Girl Scouts (aged 12 and 13) were selling the cookies Saturday afternoon from a street corner when they...

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    UK Cops: Victim Of Cannibalism And Attacker Dead

    by  • 7 November, 2014 • Crime, Food • 1 Comment


    Feeding the homeless, to the hungry… London (AFP) – A woman was murdered in an “act of cannibalism” and her suspected attacker died after he was Tasered by police at a British hotel, the BBC reported on Thursday. Police said a murder investigation was underway after the death of the 22-year-old woman at the...

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    Worm Burgers a Hit at Belgian University

    by  • 6 November, 2014 • Food • 1 Comment


    With the price of meat going up the way it is, we may all be eating worm burgers sooner than you think. From The Telegraph: A university in Brussels, Belgium, has become the first commercial kitchen to serve a creepy crawly feast of worm burgers and worm nuggets. Insect-based food products such as mealworm...

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    Armed Robber Blames Subway Diet For Crime Spree

    by  • 1 November, 2014 • Crime, Food, Guns • 0 Comments

    Zachary Rapheal

    Eat fresh… HUEYTOWN, Alabama – A man suspected of robbing four Jefferson County Subway restaurants was captured after a citizen recognized him from surveillance photos and followed him around Walmart until police arrived. Zachary Rapheal Torrance, 18, was arrested at the Walmart in Hueytown Thursday night, said Police Chief Hagler. He is charged with...

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