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    China Bans Burqas In Muslim Crackdown

    by  • 13 January, 2015 • Culture • 0 Comments

    vile veil

    In the city of Xinjiang, China, Muslims (Uighurs) account for half of the population. Burqas are a popular wardrobe choice for most of the female community. However, in an attempt to curb Islamic fundamentalism, it is reported, that the Regional Legislator in Xinjiang, has approved the ban of burqas in public. Also banned in...

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    Fatwa Warns Saudi’s Not To Be Making Snowmen

    by  • 13 January, 2015 • Culture • 0 Comments

    saudi snow people

    Manama: Saudis in the northern areas drew on their imagination and sense of fun as they braved the cold weather to build snow camels in a rare tribute to the local culture. One citizen in the Province of Tarif used his snow camel to promote the colours of local teams, drawing praise from the...

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    Mayor Of Rotteram Tells Fellow Muslims To Leave

    by  • 13 January, 2015 • Culture, Politics • 2 Comments


    Multicultural claptrap… The Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam has said Muslim immigrants who do not appreciate the way of life in Western civilisations can ‘f*** off’. Ahmed Aboutaleb, who arrived in the Netherlands aged 15, spoke out in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last week. Appearing on live television just hours...

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    Mother Sentenced For Sexual Abuse And Murder Of Infant

    by  • 12 January, 2015 • Crime, Culture • 1 Comment

    Jessica Howell

    A Missouri mother has reportedly been sentenced to 25 years in prison for encouraging her boyfriend to sexually assault her 4-month-old daughter – an incident that led to the baby’s death. Jessica Lynn Howell, 26, reportedly pleaded guilty Friday to felony abuse of a child and felony murder, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. During...

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