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    Examples Of Liberal Privilege

    by  • 15 April, 2014 • Culture, Politics • 1 Comment


    John Hawkins, who always seems to get the hot babes at BlogCon (What’s up with that?) took a swipe at all this crap regarding ‘white privilege’ over at Town Hall in a post titled “15 Examples Of Liberal Privilege.” Here’s a few of my favorites. Stop by at the link above and read them...

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    Sharyl Attkisson Dishes On MSM Censorship

    by  • 14 April, 2014 • Celeb, Communism, Culture, Politics • 0 Comments


    Waiting for anonymous CBS insiders to denounce her for being racist… Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson told Fox News she resigned because the network was becoming “too shy” about covering the Obama administration honestly. Saying reporters appear shy about challenging the Obama administration, Attkisson told Kurtz she didn’t encounter the same roadblocks when...

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    What We May Look Like in 2050 – Racially Mixed Faces

    by  • 14 April, 2014 • Culture • 1 Comment


    National Geographic assembled some racially mixed faces of what we may look like in the year 2050. From National Geographic: National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It’s Beautiful By Zak Cheney-Rice April 10, 2014 Wow. These are obviously not Photoshopped projections, but real people, meaning tomorrow’s America lives among...

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    Families With Epileptic Kids Head to the Marijuana Promise Land of Colorado

    by  • 13 April, 2014 • Culture • 0 Comments


    Families from Georgia are heading to Colorado for what is still an experimental cure for epileptic seizures. From Online Athens: Although Colorado has become a popular destination for families seeking medical marijuana to treat children’s seizures, that state’s public health chief has some strong words of caution for parents. Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director...

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