Carlos Danger Weiner Up To His Old Tricks Again


While his wife, Huma Abedin, travels the country campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the disgraced ex-congressman has been sexting with a busty brunette out West — and even sent her a lurid crotch shot with his toddler son in the picture, The Post has learned.

The stay-at-home cad shot the revealing photo while discussing massage parlors “near my old apartment” shortly after 3 a.m. on July 31, 2015, a screen shot of the exchange shows.

Weiner was clearly aroused by his conversation with the 40-something divorcee when he abruptly changed the subject.

Weiner then hit “send” on the cringe-inducing image, which shows a bulge in his white, Jockey-brand boxer briefs and his son cuddled up to his left, wrapped in a light-green blanket.

“You do realize you can see you[r] Weiner in that pic??” the woman wrote.

“Stop looking at my crotch,” Weiner wrote back.

“Whatever. You did it on purpose,” she replied.

Many of Weiner’s messages show him bragging about his manhood and shamelessly lusting after the woman.

Pics and more:

The irony here is that the woman, who is indeed a hottie, happens to be a Trump supporter and NRA member. But otherwise it’s Carlos Danger up to his old tricks again, playing the creep.

Does he realize how easily this woman could goad him into making an even bigger fool of himself if she wanted to?

As for juxtaposing his kid in the pic, that was obviously staged. No way the kid, wrapped in a blanket crawled into bed and happened to curl up next his lap. Just another lame ploy to send a pic of his crotch to a woman who obviously didn’t ask to see that.

Clearly he’s a weiner on so many levels.

What I don’t get is how wooed Huma into marrying him. I can’t see a woman like her falling for his crude brand of dick pics and dirty talk. Apparently at it’s highest levels, the Democrat Party runs an ‘arranged marriage’ bureau. Probably how Bill and Hillary met.


  1. Sembawangbolo

    Well this gives Huma a chance to focus on her lezbo relationship with Killery. Weiner obviously stuck some fruit down there to make it look like he has something, but in the end he’s just as dickless as he’s spineless.

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