Canada: Cops Kill ISIS Supporter Who Set Off Bomb

aaron driver

An ISIS fanatic is dead after Canada’s national police force thwarted an alleged suicide bomb plot in Ontario.

Aaron Driver, 23, had planned to carry out a suicide bombing mission in a public area during rush-hour but was killed during a confrontation with police in a house in Strathroy, a senior police official said on Wednesday night.

He was shot by police in a dramatic raid after he detonated an explosive device, injuring himself and one other, CBC News reports. He reportedly had another device which he was going to detonate.

Driver, who was originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, was arrested last year for openly supporting Islamic State on social media.

He was known to authorities for tweeting about his support for ISIS under the alias Harun Abdurahman, including urging the group to target the Canadian police and military.

Abdurahman was raised in Ontario as a Christian in a military family, but converted to Islam at the age of 17. He dreamed of joining ISIS and living under Sharia law.

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Doesn’t look like your typical Muslim convert. To me he looks like the sort of anarchist pinhead who’d find at any Leftist protest rally that turns violent.

Some have suggested many of these Western adolescents who’ve flocked to ISIS are just angry, malevolent malcontents looking for justification and validation for their rage.

Clearly their parents have no control over them, so when they’re caught online or at some protest plotting violence, whether in the name of ISIS or animal rights, they need to be locked away in an asylum until they get their heads straight or outgrow their violent inclinations.

Or, as in this case, shot dead.

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  1. Sembawangbolo

    I agree executing anyone associated with, or planning on joining, O’bambo’s ISIS should happen–on the spot, but maybe for turds like this one he should’ve been granted his “make a wish” and exiled to the sandbox with all the other terrorists. I’d bet it wouldn’t be more than a week before regret and fear set in, or he would be killed be a fellow jihadist.

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