Botched? Here’s a List of Just a Few Things Botched by Democrats


Democratslogo.svgThese are not in any particular order.

1. Botched health care law.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, along with a Democratic Congress have botched how people pay for and received health care, causing misery, and financial and mental angst for millions.

2. Botched African American families.  The deterioration of the black family – Lyndon Johnson botched the black family by creating a permanent welfare state, and empowering a matriarchal society, that has made black men and boys feel worthless.

3.  Botched Bay of Pigs invasion, a catastrophic calamity which eventually led to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.  John F. Kennedy botched the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, against a Soviet backed tyrant, Fidel Castro.  This failure is one of the reasons his successor, Lyndon Johnson, in order to stand up to the threat of imperialist Soviet expansion, was compelled to continue helping the South Vietnamese, where Kennedy already had American boots on the ground.  It was under John F. Kennedy that the CIA opened up a power vacuum with their foolish involvement in the assassination of South Vietnam’s president causing instability in South Vietnam.

4.  Botched Vietnam War.  Lyndon Johnson botched the Vietnam War, he not only escalated what John F. Kennedy already started, with the way he micro-managed it all the time he was president, he caused the deaths, and suffering of millions.

5.  Botched energy policy.  Barack Obama, by not approving the 50 yards of Keystone pipeline over which he has authority (the 50 yards that connects the pipeline to the Canadian border), will have botched our nation’s energy supply, creating a future where gas prices skyrocket.  Under Obama, government regulations have effectively caused the slow down of coal mining operations throughout the nation.

6.  Botched food stamp program.  Under Nancy Pelosi, Harry, Reid and President Obama, food stamp rules were changed to the point where over 40 million people are now on food stamps. By subsidizing food stamps, more cash has flowed into the grocery stores, enabling grocery stores to raise prices, thus, artificially creating food inflation.

7. Botched running of the California economy.  California Governor Jerry Brown botched the California economy and California’s relationship with businesses leading to the exodus of thousands of businesses from California.

8. Botched administration of cities by Democrat mayors, like Detroit. Democrat policies along with union greed have destroyed a once great and thriving city. Imports of foreign cars are no excuse.

9. Botched husbandry of public lands, i.e. forest fires created by neglected public lands. Forest fires in New Mexico and other places have occurred on public land that wasn’t property cleared of underbrush. Unlike private property, public property is often neglected and poorly cared for.

10.  Botched farmland.  Ecologically damaged agricultural land. Farmers who are paid to grow corn for ethanol have created great ecological damage to many farm fields in the Midwest.

11. Botched race relations.  A group of Democrats formed the KKK after the civil war to kill any black Republicans, as well as white Republicans.  The legacy of the KKK has done tremendous damage to race relations.  Jim Crow laws were created by Southern Democrats to prevent blacks from integrating into white society, doing a great deal of damage to the black family and race relations.  And there is the race based Davis Bacon Act.  The Davis Bacon Act was a law to make sure only union workers could work on government projects as a way of keeping lesser paid black workers from getting lucrative jobs.

13.  Botched housing policy.  The 2007 housing debacle was caused by a Democrat Congress and Barney Frank: Of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – “These two entities … are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” and, “I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing.” More than any other factor, the 2008 financial meltdown was caused by pushing these government-sponsored enterprises to encourage housing loans to risky borrowers.” (From Human Events – Click Here to read about more offenses by Barney Frank).

14.  Botched protection of animals and birds.  Government approved destruction of bald eagles and other birds, by wind turbine farms.  Wind turbine farms are getting a pass for causing the deaths of thousands of bird.

15. Botched government spending.  The out of control national debt. In 2009, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid passed a massive spending bill, known as the “stimulus” package. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have increased the debt more than all 43 past presidents combined.

There are a lot more things Democrats have botched.  I’ll add them as I think of them.



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