Boston Bomber Morgue Photo And Victims (graphic)

Here’s a post mortem pic of this piece of garbage Tamerlan Tsarnaev.


For those who may think this is too graphic, let me assure you this guy’s corpse is in pretty good shape compared to pics of some of the victims of his heinous deed.

Here’s his brother Dzhokhar strolling past an 8 yr. old boy (circled in blue) who was killed in the blast. In the photo it appears that he had just dropped the bomb laden backpack.


And here are some images of the immediate aftermath…

boston graphic 1

boston graphic 2

Boston Marathon victim

The ugly truth of these terrorist bombings is that you only hear about are those who’ve been killed. But for every person killed, there are dozens disfigured, maimed, burned or blinded. No matter how much time goes by their lives will never be the same again. They are the forgotten ones.


  1. None of this was necessary- if DHS wasn’t so busy monitoring my website, perhaps they’ve had the time to keep an eye on major public events, eh

    Love your site, Blur Brain added to Blogroll at RR

    Keep up the fight-

  2. Hoffman

    Please question everything. how does a photo of a backpack on the ground with the suspects face behind that equate to him dropping it there, in a court of law it doesn’t. In the second picture why are people tending to the injured and ignoring the double amputee on the ground? What about third pic, still no one paying attention to “America’s hero” yet???

  3. Hoffman

    Also if the amputee woke and wrote that he saw him drop the bag, looked him in the eyes and then the bag detonated, ask why you do not see this man in the first picture with the bag already placed on the ground and the suspect already walking away. Where is he then? Why in picture 2 and 3 are Jeff Baumans legs not bleeding from his severed femoral arteries that our hero Carlos is holding off with his,hands in that iconic wheelchair picture?

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